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– Focus on Your School –

– Focus on Your School –

I know these past few months have been difficult for many of you, and it doesn’t appear it will get easier for some time to come. It has also been difficult at school to determine how we are going to do things, and to be able to justify any position we take as the “best one,” as there are a lot of “bests” to consider.

Do we do what is best educationally? I believe most of us would agree that means being in school five days a week. Do we do what is best for physical health? Then everyone should be at home until this is over.

Do we do what is best for mental health? The answer to that may be somewhere in between the two above. Do we do what is best for parents? Those answers will be all over the board!

Of course we should always do what is best for kids, but right now, I’m really struggling with what that may be for my six-year-old son, Weston, and my 10-year-old son, Quinton, and I’m sure many parents are going through the same thing.

My wife, Alisa, and I, have debated the pros and cons of this situation over and over, and we never feel good about any resolution we come up with.

Do we totally isolate our children? Do we let them see cousins, grandparents or neighbors? How about birthday parties? Will we allow them to go if there are two friends, five friends, or 10 friends or more?!

What if the gatherings are held outdoors to be safer, but they need to go inside to use the bathroom? At least to that, I could say, “Alisa, it’s a good thing we have boys and there are trees!”

The point to all of this, is that while we are struggling with what to do with school, we know the parents of our students are struggling with decisions related to school, as well.

Do they want their children in school, learning over zoom from our teachers, or learning totally virtually through the eSucceed Virtual Charter School and their teachers? We have decided to provide these three options, to hopefully provide all our parents a choice that works out best for them.

We know this isn’t perfect and there will be challenges, but if we all try to be flexible, we can get through this together. School begins Monday, Aug. 17!