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Focus on Your School

Focus on Your School

Last month, I mentioned we have a number of students participating in college academies through Chippewa Valley Technical College (CVTC). If you’re interested in seeing all the programs available, just google CVTC High School Academies and check out the awesome opportunities our students have, if they meet our local criteria of academic success.

The state has asked for educational institutions to offer more college and/or career opportunities for students, before they graduate from high school and CVTC has done an outstanding job collaborating with high schools to make this possible.

I’ve been impressed with the education provided by CVTC for many years. They focus on providing a skilled workforce that employers of the Chippewa Valley are seeking. They have advisory committees to stay abreast of employer needs, as well as trends in industry.

Their programs are constantly monitored for viability, and are expanded or reduced, as the workforce commands.

The starting salaries for CVTC graduates is also impressive, with the average associate’s degree graduate earning a starting salary of $46,816, which is higher than the graduates of the three UW-Colleges in our region!

In April, CVTC is asking for your approval of a $48.8 million referendum to construct, expand, remodel and enhance their facilities. If approved, this amounts to a tax increase of $13/year, for a $100,000 home, with that amount likely declining as the property value of the 11-county district continues to grow.

In considering what CVTC does in preparing people in our area for careers and continuing education, I see this as money well invested for the future workforce, that, for the most part, stays right here in our region of Wisconsin.

No matter if it is growing the food, transporting supplies, providing daycare or healthcare, building your homes and businesses, or providing the emergency personnel needed to keep us safe, CVTC is involved with training those people.

Typically, about 60 percent of our students plan to attend CVTC upon graduating from high school and I’m grateful for the skills they learn, to make life easier for the rest of us.