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From the Superintendent’s Desk


From the Superintendent’s Desk

By Kurt Lindau Lake Holcombe District Administrator

Middle/high school students and parents Did you know that students who eat a healthy school breakfast, have significantly higher academic scores, increased attendance, improved behavior and decreased tardiness?

Food service records in the Lake Holcombe School District, indicate that less than 10 percent of middle and high school students eat school breakfast on a daily basis. Many of these students are eating nothing at all until lunchtime.

It is our goal for more students to eat school breakfast. We feel that there will be a positive impact on student achievement and overall student health.

Beginning Jan. 27, we will implement a mid-morning “Grab and Go” breakfast option. Middle and high school students will still have the regular early-morning breakfast option or the mid-morning “Grab and Go” option.

Students on free or reduced lunch are eligible for one breakfast. If students were to choose both, the meal will be charged to their food service account.

We have surveyed our middle and high school students, and there was positive feedback in regard to implementing a “Grab and Go” option. Students will have an option of “grabbing” a breakfast in the commons after their first-hour class, and reporting to their secondhour class, where there will be a 10 minute mid-morning break, from 8:44-8:54 a.m. Second hour will resume at 8:55 a.m.

In order to implement this program, the morning bell will ring at 8 a.m., instead of 8:03 a.m., and the end of the day, the bell will ring at 3:26 p.m., rather than 3:22 p.m.

We look forward to this program change that will be beneficial to our students overall health and student achievement. Please contact me or Mary Kostka, head cook, with any specific questions you may have.