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Focus on Your School

Focus on Your School

Happy New Year to everyone! We are hoping 2020 will be just as positive for the Cornell School District, as 2019 was!

As you noticed on your tax bill, the school district portion of your property taxes went down again this year. At the same time, we had a positive budget and ended the fiscal year adding more funds to our capital improvement account for future maintenance.

We are one of only a handful of school districts in the state without any debt, that also hasn’t asked for a referendum to exceed the state imposed revenue caps.

Academically, we also had a good year, as the elementary was again recognized as a Wisconsin Schools of Recognition. This was the eighth consecutive year the elementary received this award.

In the high school, our seniors have several dual credit and academy opportunities through Chippewa Valley Technical College. We also have students taking other college courses online and we began our consortium of online learning through the eSucceed Charter High School, which is headquartered in our high school building.

Our students no longer need to open enroll to another school district, if they desire a virtual education with eSucceed, now available. All our students will now have an online course before they graduate, to better help prepare them for their future education, which is becoming more digital each year.

It was an exciting 2019, and we will keep working to expand upon these and other opportunities for students in 2020! As always, if you want clarification on anything going on at the schools or have ideas on additional things we can do, please feel free to contact me.