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Shame on voters who didn’t support Trump


To the Editor: I had some work to be done on my car the other day. The question, who should I have fix it? It had two options: one of the garages was run by a mechanic who has been in business for 47 years; the other was a mechanic who has only been in business for four years.

Of course, the 47-year mechanic, I was told, has lots of experience, much more than the new mechanic in town. However, the new mechanic does really good work — he fixes it, it stays fixed.

The 47-year mechanic is having some problems. He often forgets to tighten bolts, forgets when part he needs, etc. One thing he has going for him is his wife is always by his side. She reminds him to tighten the nut. She says “No, you need a starter, not an alternator.” The greatest difference between the two is the fouryear mechanic is a bit gruff, swears a lot and does, at times, talk down to you. He makes comments that seem to be out of place. He doesn’t have a great personality, and sometimes, he is really rude.

The 47-year mechanic, on the other hand, is likeable, pleasant and often tells you a dumb joke. By all the practical information I had gathered, he was the nicest, kindest person with a glowing personality. But, in spite of his years of experience, his work was marginal. Maybe on the day he was to fix my car his wife wouldn’t be there to correct his mistakes, to see the untightened nuts, so the tire would fall just down the road. Or of her to say “No, that is brake fluid you have in your hand, not power steering fluid — you are working on the power steering.”

Well, I like to have a good conversation from a friendly bartender when I go out to have a beer. But, when I am hiring someone to fix something for me, like a my car or my country, I want the work to be done correctly. The new mechanic fixed my car, the tires didn’t fall off, and he didn’t need someone by his side to tell him what to do or how to do it.

The moral of my story is, if you voted for Biden/Harris because you don’t like Trump’s personality, and before you checked what Trump has done for this country, shame on you. If you voted for Biden/Harris and not for Trump because of party affiliation, I personally think you should examine your priorities. If you voted for Biden/Harris and not for Trump, you didn’t weigh the good and the bad work that has been done or is being done by each of them.

If you voted for Biden/Harris because Harris tweeted for bail donations to get the rioters in Minnesota out of jail, you are on the wrong side. If you voted for Biden/Harris and not for Trump because CNN, MSNBC, etc. has been blowing smoke in your ear with disinformation, change the channel and look for the truth.

Remember that the Democrats spent months dividing the country while they attempted to impeach the sitting president. Remember that the Democrats drove the country apart with the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax and fake dossier. That was the beginning of the divide, and after years of investigation and millions of dollars, it was found that the dossier was paid for by Hillary and the Democratic Party — the Russians were not involved. Remember the riots and the burning buildings; that was not the Trump supporters. Yes, I do think Biden should try to unite the parties and the country, but remember that the Democrats have certainly caused the divide.

If you voted for Biden/Harris and not for Trump because you think that Biden will reunite the country by reuniting the Democrat and Republican parties, I hope you made a decision. However, I believe it’s only a matter of time before the nuts loosen completely and our country’s tires fall off.

Ron Gosse Abbotsford