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Cadott hunters

Cadott hunters Cadott hunters

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ends, the next deer season begins.

The group agrees bow hunting is even better than gun hunting.

“It almost takes away your true outdoorsmanship,” said Carsen. “Don’t hunt it harder, hunt it smarter.”

“None of that really matters with a gun,” agreed Mitch.

With Tag’em Outdoors, the group hopes the venture takes off as a true business, but if it doesn’t, the three want people to enjoy watching the footage they capture.

“Then, you always have that memory,” said Kaden.

“We’re doing it because it’s fun,” added Carsen.

The videos are shot with a Canon Vixia camcorder and an EOS 60D DSLR, equipped with a Rode mic and wind muff. They also use a GoPro in their filming efforts. The videos capture the friends’ successes, but also their failures. If one of them makes a bad shot, it will be shown.

“This is real, we’re not faking this,” said Mitch. “We’re going to show you what really happens.”

Although Mitch has gone hunting during gun deer season, his true passion is bow hunting. It may come from the fact that the three were on the Cadott High School archery team, with instruction from Carsen and Kaden’s dad, Scott Christenson. Mitch said Scott has helped them in so many ways and that his instructions go through their heads when they pick up a bow.

With varying temperatures, weather and work schedules, the friends agree that you have to make every time out count with bow hunting.

“This is what I love to do,” said Carsen. “It’s really hard to shoot a deer with a bow. It’s a huge accomplishment.”

Carsen was happy to get an 8-pointer while on his North Dakota trip, while Kaden harvested a pronghorn antelope. As for Mitch, his dream of a trophy buck during bow season, exceeded his wildest expectations.

“I’m never going to forget it.”