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Trump takes no responsibility or his actions


To the Editor: Trump has rolled back clean air and water protections, most environmental protections, wildlife habitat protections, the Endangered Species Act, rolled back health care access, and still not provided the plan he promised.

He has embarrassed and humiliated America in the international world, collapsed the economy, and spent almost four years belittling veterans, calling people names, and putting America last in the scientific community. And Trump’s incompetence and lack of example and leadership on the COVID pandemic will negatively impact America for years to come.

Increasingly, Trump has been enabling right-wing domestic terrorists with his careless rhetoric and fear of a loss in the coming election.

Trump has been bouncing from issue to issue to find something he has not failed at, but he is failing at that. From Trump’s March 13 press conference and what could be Trump’s campaign motto: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.” Does America need another four years of someone that will take no responsibility for their actions?

Rich Wentzel Edgar

To the Editor: This election cycle is the clearest choice in my lifetime.

We can remain a constitutional republic or become a socialist country.

The debate this week, and the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court, has exposed just how far the Democrats will go to gain power. Joe Biden, when asked if he would pack the courts, end filibusters, denounce BLM (a Marxist organization) and ANTIFA, he would not answer in fear of alienating his socialist base. He already stated he would defund the police and take our 2nd Amendment rights from us.

We can see how that is working in Democrat cities like Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Kenosha and New York. Rioters and looters are destroying those cities and have caused to date in excess of $2 billion in damage and loss of lives. Police are being gunned down for just sitting in their police vehicles. Biden’s running mate, Kamala Harris, said the riots must continue and will continue even after the election.

Chuck Schumer stated nothing is off the table if the Democrats regain the presidency and take the house and senate. They would push to add Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico as the 51st and 52nd states, adding four more senators assuring liberal rule for generations. They would do away with the filibuster and pack the Supreme Court with six more liberal justices, assuring them of not having to do the will of the people, but let liberal justices legislate for them.

We have seen a small taste of how the government will act with the COVID pandemic. Small businesses shut down, causing hard working people to lose what their blood, sweat and tears have built. People not allowed to worship, children forced to stay home and not socialize. Sports cancelled or severely restricted. Weddings limited. Funerals shut down, not allowing loved ones to mourn their loss. Alcoholism, drug abuse, suicide, murder and domestic abuse skyrocketing.

A free society lets its citizens have the right to make their own decisions. We need to put our big boy pants on and take responsibility for our actions, or we will wake up to the nightmare too soon of the government telling us what we can and cannot do.

Dan McNeely Loyal