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to promote social distancing, wearing ….

to promote social distancing, wearing masks and taking other precautions in order to reverse the course of the virus.

“I think it’s the only way we’re going to get back to normal, both health-wise and with the economy,” he said. “The economy is something the Republican Party always seems to stress, but they’re not doing what it takes to get us back there.”

If people continue to flaunt the mask mandate, Giles said he thinks the state should consider enforcement action to ensure public safety.

“I know some states have gone to charging people if they’re not following it, and maybe that’s something we have to look into,” he said.

One impact of the COVID-19 crisis is a possible reduction in tax revenues for the next state budget, which will require lawmakers to make spending cuts.

“Public education is one of the top priorities for me,” so that his something he would like to avoid cutting, he said. Instead, Giles said he would like to look at ways of raising more revenue, such as adding taxes to vaping products so they are more in line with alcohol and traditional tobacco.

Decriminalizing marijuana and releasing non-violent offenders could “save the state a ton of money” on imprisoning people who might otherwise be benefi cial members of society, he said.