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to “fighting words” but stands ….

to “fighting words” but stands firm against China, a communist country that seeks world domination. Tiffany said he opposes China’s continued theft of U.S. intellectual property and repression of liberty in Hong Kong.

Question Four. Should the federal government pass another COVID-19 stimulus package?

Zunker said the federal government should pass further stimulus, including extending unemployment insurance and sending checks to struggling small businesses and family farmers.

She blamed the Trump administration for a “failure of leadership” on handling COVID-19 and failing to listen to American scientists on how to contain the disease.

She said that a stimulus bill should be financed by taxing “millionaires and billionaires” and collecting taxes on legalized marijuana.

Tiffany said he voted against a $2.2 trillion stimulus bill put forward by House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi because it included a “grab bag” of liberal initiatives, including bailouts of Democratic leaning states (Illinois, California and New York) and the return of the state and local tax tax deduction which benefits “millionaires and billionaires.” He said he supports, instead, spending $138 billion already authorized by the CARES Act to help businesses, including hotels and restaurants, that have been “hurt really bad” by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tiffany said federal debt reduction is a major priority for him.