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ics like COVID-19 but that ….

ics like COVID-19 but that she is loath to impose mandates on people, schools and businesses to try and fight the disease.

“I hate the mandatory stuff,” she said.

Rozar said, yes, the state should quarantine individuals and shut down businesses to halt TB, but does not want to do these things to battle COVID-19.

“I never want to see us shut down the economy again,” she said.

Asked about the local economy, Rozar said it was “struggling” and that the best thing the state government could do to help businesses was to “not get in the way” and make sure that regulations remain flexible enough to allow businesses to succeed.

Rozar said she supports finding ways to “incentivize” local towns to support retail shopping.

She said this summer she tried to support local merchants at farmer’s markets and Main Street stores, but, these days, Rozar added, it’s tough to find a local store that can sell something simple like shoes.

“You have to provide incentives so that people can set up shop,” she said.

If elected, Rozar promised to attend local municipal meetings and hold regular get-togethers with citizens to discuss state issues.