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Don’t blame Republicans for higher taxes


To the Editor: As the presidential race is now only a month away, I feel compelled to give one more salvo in the local letters to the editor. However I’m afraid that, like a Democrat controlled Supreme Court, I’ll be stacked until I’m pushed into another room and told by “China Jo” Biden to, “Just shut up!”

Why would one vote Democrat, especially at this time? The first reason that comes to mind is that a person is just sick and tired of the bombastic Donald Trump. I have to admit that isn’t such a bad reason. I constantly confess to voting against Hillary, and not for Trump. I wish our president’s Twitter account had been ripped out of his hands and flushed down the proverbial cesspool. Yet, I can’t help but wonder what Trump’s “pathological narcissism” has to do with his being unfit to lead this country since his accomplishments and love for this country already far surpass those of the previous POTUS.

A second reason for voting Democrat is being swayed by the constant barrage of propaganda that has been thrown at the president, even prior to his inauguration. You have to admit the left has followed Saul Alinsky’s playbook to a tee, throwing mud by the tons, hoping some would stick, at least in the minds of the mud throwers. Russia, Ukraine, Jeffrey Epstein, and all the insinuations of Trump’s inner circle have proven to be less an issue than selling uranium to Russia, missiles to Libya (which ended up shooting down one of our helicopters in the Middle East), scrubbing computers and destroying phones, and putting “lines in the sand” that disappeared with every tiny breeze.

A third reason for voting Democrat is blind faith. Regardless of what the Democratic Party has evolved into, they still are the party for the farmer and union worker. Are you sure? I recently asked a longtime farmer (40 years and is on the fence as to who to vote for) if he really felt farmers did better under Democrats than Republicans. He said he honestly didn’t know. One thing the Democrats do well is set up class struggle, making everyone hate everyone else, then put the blame on the Republicans. I heard a recent quote that JFK would now be considered alt-right in the eyes of present Democrats. Bill and Hillary Clinton, and even Barack Obama are personanon- grata due to being “too moderate”. So would “China Jo” if he hadn’t sold his soul for one more shot at the White House.

The final reason for voting Democrat would be that you really believe in their platform. You agree that the “Green New Deal” is absolutely necessary without having an idea whether it is feasible (or you agree that it is a good first step in destroying America). You believe that the social justice warriors are right, that “white supremacy” is the great evil and must be subdued, if not destroyed by anarchy. Yet you care less as to whether the premise has any merit. You believe any life that is “inconvenient” to you is a life not warranted. You are more than happy to scream your need for human autonomy over human responsibility. You bemoan the detention of children that were illegally dragged across the border but not the pile of dead babies left behind by one of your favorite lobbies, Planned Parenthood. In case you are interested: abortion killed nearly a half million innocent unborn babies during the same time frame COVID killed only 40 percent of that total. Your favorite commandment is “Thou shalt covet thy neighbor’s wife and goods.” You embrace the notion that you can have free education and free health care when you know, in your heart, nothing is free (but it could be if you just took the money from the “rich”, just not the rich that are Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros). Don’t come crying to a Republican when your taxes go through the roof under a Democrat controlled Congress and Presidency. We will come crying to you, saying “told you so.”

Dr. Peter Schreiner Stratford