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Trump is not Pro-Life



To the Editor: As I am now a very old senior citizen, I still have one perplexing problem and I’m hoping someday I will find a satisfactory answer. The problem is: how can an intelligent being that has reached his/her young life, choose with their eyes wide open an unintelligent, selfish, egotistical, amoral individual as their president with so many smart and moral people in this country to choose from. How did this man draw his followers into a cult so much so that if he asked his followers to drink poison, they would?

According to a recent Catholic newspaper, 61 percent of Catholics will vote for Trump. Their rationale is they think he is Pro-Life. I challenge anyone to give any concrete proof of this in any shape or form. I’ll be happy with just one correct fact. I voted three times for a Republican president because I was taught to believe they were Pro-Life. Nothing changed. I would love to have any proof what this president has done that was Pro-Life.

He alone is responsible for over 200,000 deaths due to the virus because he knew in February 2020 how dangerous this virus was and didn’t tell anyone in order to win the election. I call this genocide. This is no different than what other dictators have done. Because of this, the economy has tanked and it will take years to recover, How Pro-Life is it to take children from their parents, put them in large box stores in the West while 50,000 parents are sitting in tents on the Mexican side of the border. One night a reporter, sneaked into the boys 3-to 6 year olds building. There were rows and rows of pup tents with a little boy sitting in front of each tent. Some were crying. The conditions are horrible at best. I cry every night for these children. Just think what it must be like in the baby to three-year-old building. The caretakers are paid extremely well with your tax money. So these private companies do not want these places to close. Is this Pro-Life?

This is just one example that this president is not sane in any shape or form. Open your eyes, people. What kind of hold does this man have on you? History someday will record that these four years were some of the darkest in U.S history. Do you really want to be a part of this cult of Trump and Fox news? Sister Shirley Wagner Medford

To the Editor: When President Trump declared COVID- 19 to be a hoax, when he publicly discouraged the use of face masks and continued to hold rallies with tightly packed crowds, when he encouraged schools to open with in-person classes, when he publicly denigrated the advice of medical experts, we thought he was simply ignorant and refusing to accept the facts.

We were wrong. He was lying to us.

He is on tape acknowledging the coronavirus is many times more dangerous than the flu, that it is an airborne virus spreading through the air we breathe and that it affects children. All of those public statements were part of Trump’s biggest lie — that COVID-19 would simply disappear, that it was nothing to worry about. He is the president of the United States and people believed him, but he was lying.

His job is to protect the American people, but he knowingly put the nation’s people and its economy at risk. Thousands have lost their lives. Millions have lost their homes, their jobs, their savings and their dignity because Trump thought he could lie his way through a pandemic instead of facing reality.

He is not responsible for the virus, but he is responsible for how this country reacted to it. He is responsible for untold hardships suffered by millions of American families and for America to have the greatest rate of COVID deaths in the world.

Mindy Walker Willard