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Evers used veto to restrict ATV rights


To the Editor: Most people are not aware of recent changes in the laws regarding ATV/ UTVs. It is now unlawful for passengers to ride on an ATV/UTV unless it was designed and manufactured for a passenger.

No aftermarket seats are legal. All ATVs that have a bolted-on seat for the second passenger are now illegal.

This does not apply if you are on your own private property. This also does not apply to any first responders, etc. that need to use an ATV/UTV to help someone in an emergency.

I dug into this and found some very interesting facts. I contacted the Wisconsin ATV Association as I heard they were pushing the bill. This is correct but please read on.

I asked for the data for accidents for ATVs that had two riders on them. They gave me a person in the DNR to contact. The person did send me the data. However, there were no statistics that showed if the accidents involved one or two people on an ATV. I contacted the same person and he said they do not record that data.

So there is no data in Wisconsin to support that riding double on an ATV causes accidents.

So why did the law change to specifically restrict two people riding on an ATV?

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’ partial veto! Yes, you read that correct. Evers used his partial veto to change the law. Now, you naysayers are going to ask how do you know that to be true. I have a copy of the letter Evers sent to the Senate explaining his changes dated March 3, 2020. Quote: “The safe transportation of passengers, regardless of location, is essential to the prevention of injuries and fatalities associated with all-terrain and utility terrain vehicle use.”

One person changed the law, but in the letter nowhere does Evers state any facts or statistics to back his veto up. That’s because there aren’t any statistics for the state of Wisconsin.

I suggested to the person at the DNR to get the aftermarket seats DOT certifi ed so they could become legal. He said it was a good suggestion and would pass it on.

I had to sell my four-wheeler as I am not buying a second one and a trailer to haul two and I am not spending $14,000 to $20,000 on a UTV or $12,000 to $15,000 for a 2-up ATV.

Thank you Democrat Evers for taking my recreation away.

James Hebda Menomonee Falls

To the Editor: This year, Labor Day arrives in an era of added appreciation for America’s essential workers. And one overlooked sector of the labor force that’s had to go above and beyond through no fault of their own during this crisis are the millions of working mothers and working fathers nationwide who are balancing their careers and responsibilities at home.

Although our nation’s child care crisis has existed long before the COVID- 19 pandemic, these past months have showcased how much of our country’s workforce depends on consistent, safe and high-quality child care. Now we’re seeing child care centers, many of which were already operating at slim profit margins, go through the struggles of limited capacity and budget shortfalls. Without some form of public aid or subsidy, we run the risk of these child care centers cutting safety corners—and no parent should have to choose between giving up their own career to stay at home or risking their children bringing home the virus from an unsafe place.

Many union members have an advantage in access to child care, either at work or as a benefit. Let this past Labor Day serve as a reminder that it’s time for Congress to wake up and invest in our nation’s child care infrastructure to protect our children before it’s too late. Nancy Tabaka Stencil Rib Mountain