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Edgar tightens up student code

Edgar tightens up student code Edgar tightens up student code

The Edgar Board of Education tightened up its co-curricular code at a Thursday special meeting.

Board members agreed to declare ineligible for 15 school days athletes or co-curricular club members (FFA, FBLA, fall play, Prom Court, Homecoming Court, et cetera) should they get an “F” or failing grade either at the end of each quarter or at the fifth week of a quarter when progress grades are sent home to parents.

Students will regain eligibility if they are passing all classes after 15 days. Their grades will be checked after an additional 30 days to maintain eligibility.

While a student is ineligible, he or she will be required to participate in all practices and contests.

Board member Bill Dittman said the new policy was based on actual final grades and should be straightforward to enforce.

“This is a documented grade, not an ‘I don’t think you are passing’ situation,” he said.

Board members told high school principal Tom McCarty that he would clearly communicate the stricter policy to Edgar High School students.

The principal said he would. “We will tell students this is the game we are playing and here are the rules,” he said.

In other school board business:

_ The school board hired Linda Hamann for a one-year job as K-12 library director and Kirsten Christianson as a junior varsity volleyball coach. Board members were told Mattea Schlender would work as a middle school social studies student teacher.

_ Board members approved a policy stating Edgar School District will not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity and, as part of its Title IX obligations, is committed to eliminating sexual harassment.