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Marawood will limit number of fans at games

The Marawood Conference will limit the number of spectators at fall sporting events this year to reduce the chance of student athletes, fans and game officials contracting COVID- 19.

Edgar’s Mark Lacke, who serves as Marawood Conference commissioner, said Tuesday each student athlete who participates in cross country, football and volleyball would be given four tickets for their family members and friends to attend their sporting events.

“We need people to understand there won’t be any tickets available for sale to the public at the gates or doors for them to attend fall sporting events,” Lacke said. “People won’t be able to use senior citizen and conference passes to attend games this year.”

Lacke said Marawood Conference athletic directors and superintendents still need to work out details on whether they’ll require cross country runners, football and volleyball players, game officials and spectators to wear masks at sporting events.

“We are still waiting to receive more guidelines from the health departments and the WIAA before we make our decision,” he said.

Lacke said it’s likely volleyball players, officials and fans would need to wear masks because they compete inside gyms. State Gov. Tony Evers’ mask mandate for people inside buildings lasts until the end of September.

“Fans who receive tickets from student athletes to attend their sporting events should bring a mask with them, because it’s always better to be prepared than not should they need to wear them,” he said.

Lacke said he’s still feverishly working on figuring out updated cross country, football and volleyball schedules for the 2020 fall sports season.

Scott Winch, Stratford schools superintendent, said Tuesday the Central Wisconsin Conference (CWC) Large is having a fall football season.

He said school district superintendents of high schools in the CWC plan to meet next week to work out details on limiting the number of fans at games and whether student athletes and fans should be required to wear masks.

Needless to say, things will be different for high school sports athletes and fans during the 2020 fall sports season.