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Diagnosis of Trump valid


To the Editor: I would like to answer Peter Schreiner’s letter of Aug. 19. Peter signs his name “doctor.” His field of expertise is veterinary science, “the science of treating and preventing diseases of animals, especially domestic animals,” according to Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary. When the subject is not animal health, his “doctor” means nothing.

His attack upon Janice Soczka was to quote Peter “at best this is a cheap shot, and worst, borders on hate speech.”

I know Janice Soczka. She is a well educated, intelligent and articulate lady who is qualified to speak on human health issues as opposed to someone who knows how to neuter dogs and cats.

Mary Trump, Donald Trump’s niece, is very qualified to speak on her Uncle Don’s mental condition through many years of personal observation of Uncle Don and an education in the field of mental health disorders. Diagnosis of mental health disorders is her strength.

Maybe Peter, like Donald, has a problem with intelligent, articulate and powerful women?

The next paragraph is as flawed as the first. He claims the Pandemic Response Team was “reorganized and streamlined.” This new team failed miserably. His new head of the coronavirus task force Dr. Scott Atlas was the chief of neuroradiology at Stanford University. He has no expertise in public health or infectious disease.

Upon naming Atlas, Trump said, “He has many great ideas and he thinks what we’ve done is really good.” As we pass the 172,000 mark for U.S. deaths and closing fast on 200,000 with over 1,000 in Wisconsin, I don’t think any rational person would think “what we’ve done is really good.”

The second part of the paragraph is as flawed as the first. Peter complains about the leader of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, is from Ethiopia, “deeply in debt to communist China.” Does Peter refer to capitalist oligarchical America?

Peter writes “let’s not lie about reality” and “look it up.” Well, I did and according to the CIA as of 2019 Ethiopia owed China $12 billion dollars. Donald Trump and Peter’s country owes China $1.1 trillion dollars. One and one-tenth trillion is a much larger number than $12 billion. Let’s hope Peter’s math skills are not a reflection on his veterinary skills.

He next attacks Bryce Luchterhand over comments about South Korea. He fails to mention Donald Trump’s love affair with Kim Jong-un and Communist North Korea. How has that turned out?

And, finally, he attacks me for repeating a joke I was told. Peter, you are aware I hope that it was a sit-com and not a documentary.

Gary Fergot Town of Wien

To the Editor: Perhaps I am nuts as you cleverly insinuated in your letter to the editor in response to the information I presented regarding Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) and its relationship to President Trump, but I am content with my craziness.

I worked as a registered nurse since 1975, obtained my degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner and recently retired. As a nurse practitioner for 17 years, I diagnosed and treated patients with mental illness, albeit, not specifically for NPD. As I mentioned, people with NPD do not seek treatment as they do not see that there is anything wrong with themselves; they are perfect. Mental illness is complex, people have more than one diagnosis, overlapping symptoms and varying degrees of illness. The Goldwater Rule states that psychiatrists should not offer diagnoses of public figures they haven’t personally analyzed, but it was not meant as a gag order. The Tarasoff Rule imposes a duty on the part of psychiatrists to warn appropriate persons when anyone presents a risk of harm which is why 350 psychiatrists diagnosed Donald Trump with Malignant (severe) NPD in the early days of his presidency. The DSM manuals used to diagnose mental illness are based on observable behavior. I do not feel the need to meet with Donald Trump to diagnose his behavior as it is obvious to everyone who listens to his words that his behavior and thought patterns are not normal. Whether he has NPD or some other type of personality disorder is not the point, his behavior is abnormal.

You stated my letter was a diatribe which is “an angry speech or piece of writing that severely criticizes something or someone”. My letter was not an angry speech but it was a criticism of a very powerful man who has an obvious mental health disorder. My goal in presenting the behaviors of NPD was to educate the local populace, to hopefully help explain Trump’s erratic behavior, and his need to be worshiped in order that Trump supporters would consider that he may not be a good candidate to lead us into the future. If you would like, I can list multiple examples of Donald Trump’s behaviors that represent each symptom of NPD, behaviors that he displays in public, that we can all observe but there is limited space in this paper.

I take umbrage at your comment that my words border on hate speech. Hate speech is defined as “speech that attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as race, religion, ethnic origin, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity.” I do not hate Donald Trump or anyone, I fear him and his negative influence on the people of this nation. I fear Trump’s thirst for absolute power, his relationship with Putin. I fear his attacks on the media, on facts and reality. I fear his racism and lack of civility. I fear his threat to our democracy. I fear his promise to defund Medicare and Social Security if re-elected.

Janice Soczka Town of Cassel

To the Editor: A commercial this week came on TV with a heart doctor insisting you need to come in when having issues with your heart. The heart attacks are rising because people won’t come in during the virus. Mmmmm? Really? Wonder why? When you see heart doctors at political rallies mask.

Within the last two weeks, the news interviewed athletes from a Wausau school and a school from Portage. I was very impressed. They all came out with masks and kept their distances as well as possible, and emphasized to all the parents, friends and relatives and neighbors that if you want us to play, we need to practice safety.

My hats off to all those guys ands gals. And then, last week here comes Edgar two football players (I presumed) who sat side by side imploring that they needed to play football. Senior year and all. No masks. Really?

Off went the TV and out came the pencil. So Edgar people, if you really want to have school and sports, then ask yourselves what do I need to do? It all goes hand in hand. You might ask nicely or really insist to your friends, family, neighbors, teachers and coaches to practice safe distances and reconsider going into restaurants that can’t be visited safely. Ask your coaches, wives and people who can read the sign at the grocery store that says: “please wear masks” to comply. We’re always saying it takes a village. Well, community, let’s start cracking. If you want to talk the talk, then you must be able to walk the walk.

What about the Catholics and Pro-Life people that insist life starts at conception and that we must keep that life alive? Once that life is born, do we just give up fighting for that life at the age of 2, 10, 16, 35, 68 or 80? When? Because you were too selfish to cherish it?

So, if you can look at yourself in the mirror and say, “I’ve done what I could to help,” then my mask’s off to you (at a safe distance, that is) and, if not, quit the whining, complaining and wanting, and go do. One hand washes the other.

My family, even my five and eightyear- old grandkids, have been wearing our masks proudly for almost six months now to do our part. And if my comments bother you, then it must be hitting close to home.

Diane Bergs Town of Rib Falls

To the Editor: In the letters I read, it is easy to see that lots of people have no idea what goes on in politics.

These are the same people who want open borders, free health care, free health care and driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.

The Democrats want the New Green Deal which would bankrupt our country. They want to confiscate by executive order 267 million automobiles and restructure 300 million buildings. To accomplish this, they will create a military mobilization force to make sure we do what they want. All guns would be confiscated. There would be no prisons. Religious liberty would not exist. They want us to become a socialist (communist) country.

The main finance guy, George Soros, and many other left wing radicals are the bankers for them. Wake up people. This is only a small part of their agenda.

Richard Bunkelman Weston