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Trumps has NPD traits


To the Editor: What is Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

From my experience, the community of this readership raises children to be law abiding, compassionate, caring human beings. Keeping that in mind, we would never intentionally raise a child to behave like Donald Trump. I have heard people say “Yes, he is a narcissist but so is my uncle Joe.”

We all know someone who is selfabsorbed to varying degrees. There is another level of self-absorption that is a mental illness called Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). NPD is an official mental health disorder listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM-5), used by psychiatrists to diagnose mental illness. The following behaviors represent Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

People with the NPD are arrogant, pathological liars, have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, a sense of entitlement, require constant attention and excessive admiration. They exaggerate their talents and expect to be recognized as superior even without achievements that warrant it. They also monopolize conversations, belittle other people, and expects unquestioning loyalty and compliance with their wishes. They are unable to recognize the needs and feelings of others, are envious of others and believe others envy them. They have trouble handling anything they perceive as criticism reacting with rage or contempt, belittling others to make themselves appear superior and often go out of their way to crush or ruin someone whom they feel have offended them.

The sad part is people with NPD have internal feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability and humiliation. There is no known cure for NPD and most people affected by this disorder are not self-aware enough to get help, they have no interest in changing because they are wonderful, the smartest person on earth.

Mental illness is very complex but if one reviews these symptoms and recalls the behaviors of our president over the last 3-1/2 years one can see that Donald has all of the symptoms of NPD. The sad part is he is unable to truly care about what happens to the people of this nation due to his illness. He has shown us that he is only concerned about his image, money and winning another four years in power. He holds power through instilling fear in the citizens of this country and in members of his own political party. He destroys the careers of people who oppose him. He does not believe in the rule of law nor does he know the laws that make up our democracy. Trump has also mastered the art of a phenomenon call illusory truth effect or validity effect which is when a lie is repeated often enough it is eventually perceived as the truth. Interesting phenomenon, look it up.

The election this fall is not about specifi c policies but more about the moral character and mental stability of one of the most powerful men on the planet, the president of the United States. Consider voting for a candidate who will at least listen to expert advisors before making decisions.

Janice Soczka Cassel

To the Editor: A couple of years ago I was amused upon seeing bottles of Not Your Father’s Root Beer in our refrigerator. One of the kids brought them over and the name fits. At 5.9% alcohol, it certainly wasn’t Dad’s root beer like my dad drank!

Today we are seeing Not Your Father’s Democrat Party. My dad wouldn’t recognize today’s Democrat party. It was once known as the “working man’s party” and “the party of the little guy.” I find it laughable that Dems still want to tax and punish the rich when the rich run their party! Without Hollywood, academia, sports stars, social media moguls, and other wellheeled supporters, the party would cease to exist. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos recently rolled in $13 BILLION in a single day.

Yesterday’s Democrat party wouldn’t have called for open borders. It wouldn’t try to stifle free speech as they are today. It may have had a soft spot for socialism, but wouldn’t have openly run on it. It wouldn’t have vilifi ed our police and stood idle while our cities were looted, trashed and burned. In the ’60s the hippies questioned authority and rebelled against it. Today we’re told by the Left that the government has all the answers and we’d better obey and conform.

Joe Biden presumably beat Bernie Sanders because he was more moderate, yet he has adopted most of Sanders’ platform. He also added AOC’s Green New Deal provisions and Beto O’Rourke’s “take the guns” position making him a hybrid radical.

On Sunday evening I flipped on the TV. The Bucks vs. Rockets NBA game was on. I LOVE basketball….. but couldn’t watch this. Black Lives Matter was on the jerseys, Black Lives Matter was written on the floor and the play by play wasn’t about points and rebounds - it was about social justice! It’s time for more letters: the NBLMBA (National Black Lives Matter & Basketball Association) perhaps? Sports should be a respite from politics, not a forum for it.

Just last week St. Louis Prosecution Attorney Wesley Bell announced NO CHARGES would be brought against former police officer Darrin Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, in agreement with the grand jury and federal investigations confirming his innocence - yet half of Ferguson, Mo., and parts of numerous cities across the nation needed to be ransacked to protest “injustice”?

Although Derek Chauvin obviously killed George Floyd and deserves a lifetime jail sentence, it has NOT been proven racism had anything to do with it. The two men knew each other, and the motive may well have been a personal grudge. But it doesn’t matter to those who want an excuse to lash out and use charges of racism to advance their political agendas. We don’t have systemic racism in America. But even if we did, no amount of tearing down the statues, “cancel culture”, riots, defunding police, or even electing Joe Biden will move the needle - at least not in the right direction. Race relations were WORSE after 8 years of Obama and will continue to degrade should we have the poor judgment to elect Biden. I agree with Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas who introduced a House resolution to ban groups that have historically supported slavery and the Confederacy including the Democrat party. He correctly said the party is “blatantly and offensively tied to slavery, Jim Crow, discrimination and the KKK.” Racism continues to be supported by Dems today through identity politics, affirmative action, and support of racist Black Lives Matter. The uncomfortable conversation we need in this country isn’t about systemic racism. It’s about our companies (Nike, NBA) smearing America while laughing to the bank on the backs of the Chinese people.

Locally, comrade Evers is working on yet another Supreme Court reprimand with his mask mandate. He has two from the state and one federal so far. Didn’t he take an oath to uphold the Constitution? Some think he’s warming up for a statewide school shut down mandate, which would totally ignore science and common sense.

Those who think the destruction of our cities was unavoidable should check out how Detroit has been doing. A hotbed for unrest in the past, Police chief James Craig, together with other local leaders, were having none of it and law and order have prevailed. It’s that simple. You get what you tolerate!

President Trump campaigned on the right issues in 2016. He said borders matter. The coronavirus has clearly shown they do. He said we need to be energy independent, which we are and is critical. He said he’d unleash the economy with tax cuts and by rolling back excessive regulations - and he has. And most importantly, he’s said for decades that China isn’t our friend and they are taking advantage of us. We have certainly learned, painfully, how right he was! Now, additionally, he knows we need law and order. Our country can only properly function with total equality under the law - colorblind, with no exceptions for the rich and powerful. We’ve got plenty of glimpses of where a Biden presidency would take us. Look at the “leadership” in most blue states and cities. Let’s not turn our country into Portland. Reelect Donald Trump!

Randy Wokatsch Marathon