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Everywhere I go I find a pal

Everywhere I go  I find a pal Everywhere I go  I find a pal

Peter Weinschenk, Editor, The Record-Review

With COVID-19, one thing follows another.

Like many others, I have been working at home more than usual. As a result, I wore out a chair. The bottom cushion just got squished. I wound up with back aches.

I decided to buy a new chair. After a lot of shopping on line, I opted for an Expensive Ergonomically Designed Chair. The chair took months to show up at my doorstep in a huge box. After three or four YouTube videos, I finally was able to assemble the monster with a collection of screwdrivers, levers, a rubber mallet and a pipe wrench.

The chair was nice, comfy and had plenty of back support, but, unlike my old chair, required lots of legroom. My desk offered me almost none.

Now, I was in a quandary. I had an Expensive Ergonomically Designed Chair but with the wrong desk.

But one thing follows another.

I decided to give my desk to my wife, Susan, for her office. I would, instead, use an old oak round table we had stored up in the attic.

So, I plowed through the accumulated stuff in the top story attic and hauled the heavy, solid wood table pieces downstairs. I assembled the oak table. It’s a handsome thing and offers plenty of legroom.

But there was a problem. To move my old desk into my wife’s office, I had to get rid of her old table. This meant disassembling this heavy-duty, Formica-covered MDF desk, pulling off the metal legs one by one.

We moved my old desk into her office and we moved her old table into the living room.

But now we had a problem. We had an extra desk that we needed to get rid off.

The solution here was to reassemble the table, take a picture of it and post it for free online and let somebody cart it off.

But one thing follows another.

To get the attention of people, we decided to get rid of three other worn out offi ce chairs I had wrapped up with plastic and stored in my barn. That meant I had to yank the chairs out of a tangle of stuff, brush them off and haul them outside for their picture.

The bad news here is that during this chair retrieval I found the dead animal I had smelled last fall. The unidentifiable creature had been transformed into a square shaped hunk of fur inside a cardboard box.

The good news was that all of this furniture was spoken for and carted away in a single afternoon.

It turns out a guy from Tomahawk came all the way down to pick up my worn out chair. He was thrilled to get it.

And so it goes with COVID-19. The virus put in motion a game of musical chairs and desks. In the end, I have an Expensive Ergonomically Designed Chair to sit in, my wife received a desk upgrade and a guy from Tomahawk is sitting pretty.

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