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Tiffany doubles down on support for Trump

Tiffany doubles down on support for Trump Tiffany doubles down on support for Trump

You can’t accuse Seventh District congressional candidate Sen. Tom Tiffany of not being a loyal Trumper.

The Republican on Sunday at Dale’s Weston Lanes doubled down on his support for President Trump, even after being challenged by a reporter’s questions.

Tiffany, a state senator from Minoqua, has introduced a resolution to the Wisconsin legislature decrying the impeachment of President Trump, saying that Democrats in Congress have presented “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

The state senator never flinched in his defense of Trump. “I believe the President has not committed a crime,” he said. “And I believe the American people agree with that position.”

Tiffany was asked whether he might change his mind given the 12-page opinion released Jan. 16 by the General Accounting Office ruling that President Trump violated the 1974 Impoundment Control Act in withholding $214 million in congressionally approved aid to Ukraine.

The senator was unmoved.

“The President did not commit a crime,” he said.

Tiffany, once again, did not waiver when further asked a hypothetical. The senator was asked how he would feel if a future President Joe Biden withheld millions of dollars of congressionally approved aid that he, as a newly elected member of Congress, voted for.

“I think that’s purely speculation,” he said.

Tiffany explained that the Democratic attempt to impeach President Trump is no different than efforts here in Wisconsin to remove Gov. Scott Walker through a recall election.

“The situation is very analogous,” he said. “There were people being persecuted for simply participating in politics. That’s not the way it should work in this country.”

Tiffany accused Democrats in Washington of trying to undo the results of the 2016 election.

“I’ll go further,” he said. “You are trying to nullify the votes of people here in 2016.”

Tiffany was in Weston to receive the endorsement of retiring Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Fifth).

The dean of the Washington congressional delegation said Tiffany would be “uniquely qualified” to replace Rep. Sean Duffy and “to get to work right away.”

Sensenbrenner, while lauding Tiffany, couldn’t leave impeachment alone, however.

In a somewhat different tact than Tiffany, Sensenbrenner, a longtime member of the House Judiciary Committee who four times has been an impeachment manager himself, said not that the Democrats have presented no evidence of wrongdoing, but no evidence of a crime.

Sensenbrenner said this is different from the impeachment of President Bill Clinton and three federal judges he worked on.

The elder congressman said the charges Democrats have levelled against President Trump belong in a book by Pinnochio or in Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

He said the U.S. Senate would never approve articles of impeachment against Trump.

“It ain’t gonna happen,” he concluded.

He called the impeachment a waste of time where Congress was not solving any national problems.

“Congress is tied up and not doing the country’s business,” he said.