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The Edgar Village Board is ….

The Edgar Village Board is …. The Edgar Village Board is ….

The Edgar Village Board is looking for a little Christmas inspiration.

The board on Monday took up the question of what seasonal gifts to give to village employees, but, running out of ideas about what to do, agreed to table the agenda item until its December meeting.

In the past, the village board has gifted employees and other individuals, including farmers who accept village sludge, with hams and turkeys and, more recently, with Edgar IGA gift cards.

Village trustee Jon Streit, however, said he didn’t want to continue giving a gift card to any one Edgar business.

“You could be showing favoritism,” he said.

Trustee Patti Schroeder-Schuett suggested the village buy Script from St. John’s Catholic Church. The faux money can be used for discounts at a wide variety of businesses, including many in Edgar. The church sells Script as a fundraising project.

Board members suggested just paying employees a seasonal bonus, but hesitated when they said the added pay would be taxed.

The trustees agreed to put off a decision.

“We can table this until December when we can come up with some ideas,” said Streit.

In other village business:

_ Board members approved a 2020 budget and tax levy with no debate or changes to an earlier draft. The budget calls for a minor property tax increase, from $367,484 this year to $370,938 next year. Total village spending will increase slightly, from $1,003,575 in 2019 to $1,019,750 in 2020.

_ Police Chief Jeanette Stankowski said 55 pounds of drugs were received on a recent Drug Take Back Day. The medicines will be properly disposed of, rather than landfilled.

_ Board members approved health insurance agreements for 2020. They include United Health Care vision insurance (no increase), Delta Dental dental insurance (no increase) and WEA Trust health insurance ($692.95 increase).

_ Board members agreed to purchase a 52-inch Ventrac snow blower attachment for $4,488 and to sell an old attachment by sealed bid. The minimum acceptable bid is $1,000. The unit will be financed from a village savings account and be in service for the snow season.

_ Board members voted down an offer from Vertical Bridge to purchase land now leased to the company for a cell phone tower in Brooklyn south of Scotch Creek. The company’s offer was not disclosed.

_ Trustees voted to provide 40 additional hours of vacation to any employee who opts out of all health, dental and vision insurance.