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Colby writer’s vitriol disturbing


To the Editor: I am not surprised that my article supporting President Trump (Oct. 9 issue) resulted in rebuttal letters in last week’s paper. I’d have been more surprised if there hadn’t been any. I find the vitriol in the article from Mr. Gutenburger of Colby disturbing.

The reason I didn’t list President Trump’s accomplishments is that I didn’t want to write a book like Mr. Gutenburger did, although this letter won’t be short either.

Here are three of Trump’s numerous accomplishments: Number 1, to this point, he is the most pro-life president. President Trump recognizes the sanctity of life, supports religious freedom and has moved Israel’s embassy to Jerusalem, where it belongs.

Number 2, America is now energy independent. Depending on our enemies for our energy needs is senseless and complicates foreign policy.

Number 3, his policies have produced a roaring economy. Stock market record highs have become commonplace as has across-the-board record low unemployment and increased take-home pay.

When flying, we’ve all been told: “should the cabin air fail, put your mask on first before attempting to help others”. Likewise, it takes a strong America to execute our role as the leader of the free world.

Approval ratings are irrelevant. Why wouldn’t Trump’s numbers be down when 90 percent of mainstream news stories about him slant negative? As for polls, the only one I’m concerned with will be taken Nov. 3, 2020. Polls taken before then are for voter manipulation, not to gauge voter views. Apparently we’ve learned nothing from the 2016 polls?

It takes mere seconds to find a YouTube video of then vice-president Joe Biden speaking in January 2018 to the Council on Foreign Relations. He bragged about firing a prosecutor in Ukraine, who was investigating his son, Hunter Biden, under the threat of withholding a billiondollar loan guarantee to Ukraine (a quid pro quo). Interestingly, the junior Biden has no experience in the petroleum industry, which one would think should matter to be on a petroleum company (Barisma) board.

If Nancy Pelosi actually had any evidence of presidential wrongdoing, she would call a vote to move forward with an impeachment probe. Her rabid Democrat base demands it. Instead, she continues this ridiculous one-sided impeachment inquiry, complete with powerless, meaningless subpoenas, in hopes that somehow this fishing expedition will yield a fish. A mass murderer gets better opportunities to call and question witnesses and defend himself than our president is getting right now.

I read these two sentences Mr. Guterberger wrote: “Journalists have a code of ethics that they try to abide by. They know the importance of truth and integrity.” Was this an attempt at humor? There is a reason recent Pew research shows only 22 percent of Americans believe media covers both sides of a political issue fairly.

Perhaps he missed the recent ABC News footage supposedly showing Turkey’s military bombing of Kurd civilians — except the footage was from a Kentucky gun range! And FYI, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity are not journalists, by their own admission.

Changing subjects now, I actually do understand impeachment. I also understand that when the opposing party tries to baselessly remove a duly elected president, we’re compromising our democracy. Does he understand this? As for Mr. Bill Clinton, he accomplished much less in his first three years in office — with much less opposition I might add. I’m not going to dignify the remainder of Mr. Gutenburger’s assertions by responding to them.

I was pleasantly surprised when I read the letter by Rick Lohr. It is thoughtful and constructive. I agree with nearly all of his 14 goals and I’m encouraged by that. It’s unfortunate that 12 of the “extremists” he referred to in his article were on the stage of the last Democratic presidential debate. Did anyone see even one of those 14 issues espoused in those discussions? Two issues almost came up, but not sensible immigration or affordable health care (at least not affordable to the taxpayers). Are there really any other liberals out there? It appears to me that you are either Republican or “progres- sive”.

We have a president right now addressing nearly every one of Mr. Lohr’s goals. Conversely, the Democratic House hasn’t lifted a finger to achieve any of them. Mr. Lohr has, I’m sure unintentionally, reinforced the point of my previous letter: President Trump has and is earning a second term.

Randy Wokatsch Marathon

Ramblings need correction

To the Editor: This letter is in regards to an article that Randy Wokatsch had in the paper on Oct. 9, “Trump second term rightly earned.” I have long been reading the ignorant ramblings of the village idiot, the king of simple. I’m so glad you published his picture so we can all see what “stupidity” looks like.

Randy, did you bother to proofread what you wrote? I know we have freedom of speech, but come on, man. You totally do not know what you are talking about. It’s clear you believe all the lies from the “man” and the lies from the real “fake” news, Fox, aka Sean Hannity, Tucker Carlson, etc. That network has gotten so bad that one of the only reputable people at Fox, Shepherd Smith, has gotten so sick of their brand of journalism, after 23 years has quit. The other anchors sat there with their mouths hanging open when he made the announcement without warning.

What’s so wonderful, just like the “man,” all their “fake news” can be factchecked. Case in point, yesterday (Oct. 17) after the “man” constantly saying there was no “quid pro quo,” Mick Mulvaney admitted that there was a “quid pro quo” and said “Get over it.”

Randy, do you know what that means?

He then tried to walk it back, so now how long do you think he’ll be in that position? (another one bites the dust). And, yesterday, Rick Perry announced he’s resigning.

Randy, do you know who he is?

Fool you once, shame on him. Fool you twice, shame on you. It’s clear neither you nor the “man” have any shame.

I would like to thank Ron Gutenberger for his excellent article, “Responding to Trump’s achievements” (joke) on Oct. 16. You saved me an immense amount of time because you took the words right out of my mouth. This gentleman does know what he’s talking about, and guess what, Randy, it can all be “fact-checked.”

Georgia Benson Kronenwetter

We need a Jesus perspective

To the Editor: In his letter to the editor on Sept. 11, Bruce Bohr wrote: “The evil forces that our founders recognized still exist. They aim to destroy the USA.” I would say that many people around the world see it differently: they don’t see us as an innocent people. Consider the 1953 overthrow of the democratically elected government of Iran by our CIA or the 41 coups in Latin America we’ve been involved in since 1900. Or one of the greatest holocausts in history, the killing of 8 million Indians in our country. I believe that we often see what others have done wrong but not what we have. In the Gospel of John 8:1-8, a woman caught in adultery is brought before Jesus. He tells those who have brought her: “Let he who is without sin throw the first stone.” One by one they leave. Jesus asks the woman: “Has no one condemned you.” She says “No one, Lord.” And he replies: “Neither do I. Go your way and sin no more.” I believe that we need to have the attitude of Jesusto not stone one another but to go our way and sin no more -- to do what is right and good towards one another. After WWII, we had the Marshall Plan which helped England, West Germany and 16 other European countries to rebuild and to prosper. That was a wonderful thing that we did for those countries. How about a new Marshall plan for the countries of Latin America where we engineered 41 coups. The first Marshall plan did wonders for Europe. Might a second Marshal plan do wonders for the Americas?

Rev. Robert Streveler Marathon