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Another snow yesterday. That’s the ….

Another snow yesterday. That’s the …. Another snow yesterday. That’s the ….

Another snow yesterday. That’s the kind I like. It just snowed on the grass. The sidewalk, driveway and streets are clear this morning. I can handle that. It is Friday the 13th as I start this. Sure hope my good luck stays with me and nothing bad happens. What a week so far. I broke my rule of trying to avoid being around other people and went to the Veteran’s Day program. In a couple of words, it was extra special. It is a long-standing tradition in Loyal and the school went way beyond themselves to honor the veterans and keep the spirit of the day alive. Someone mentioned to me recently that Loyal needed to continue to fly the flags every day since the city has a reputation of being named for the men who went to fight in the Civil War. We also have the tradition on Memorial Day of passing the GAR flag from the senior class to the junior class. So it should be that we always remember to honor our veterans on Veteran’s Day. From the looks of it, we are doing a good job. You would think, with all the problems dealing with the pandemic, it would have been easy to just say, “We’ll pass this year”. Sure it was different not to have the band and choir on stage, but thanks to modern day technology we had the next best thing. It does get a little alarming to remember back when we still have World War I vets attending. Now I find myself being one of the few Korean War vets there. But I sure plan to be there next year. I guess the frosting on the cake was finding one of my great grandchilden as a part of the program. You did good Raelyn.


When I made my trip around the countryside the other day, I found a few fields of corn that hadn’t been picked. The were pretty few and far between. In fact, I only found one farmer working in the field. They were picking up round bales of corn stalks. Then just north of the Rock Creek bridge on Owen Avenue, I chased up a couple of bald eagles having lunch on something in the ditch. They didn’t go far, expecting to return to whatever it was as soon as I got past. Seeing a bald eagle is like seeing a deer run out in front of you. As often as you see them, they still stir up some excitement in your blood. I’d kind of forgotten about all the rain we had, but when I was coming home I noticed Rock Creek out on 98 was back to just being a creek. The day before it looked more like Lake Rock Creek.


It seems like a lot of older famous people are dying these days. I knew he wasn’t well, but it was still a shock to see Alex Trebek had passed away. After seeing him on a commercial Sunday morning, it just didn’t seem right. Then they explained that Jeopardy has enough shows already filmed to run to Christmas. So I have been really careful to make sure I’m home and seated in front of the television when the show comes on.

We had a nice surprise a number of years ago. A niece of Florence’s had a daughter living in California who qualified for the show. It happened between Christmas and New Years and we were enroute to Texas when she was on. When we checked into our motel at Gainesville, Texas, we found out the show aired at eleven o’clock in the morning. We we asked the motel if we could please stay in our room for the extra couple of hours so we could watch it. I’m not sure if Jessica was on two or three days. The day we saw her she had won and was coming back the next day. Unfortunately we never found out when it was on, or either we were driving our last leg to Port Aransas. It was fine. That day she wasn’t so lucky, but kind enough to remind us on Facebook about her experience with Alex.


Supposedly the election was a couple of weeks ago. Yet they still seem to be scrapping about it. I don’t really know what the problem is since the president got beat twice. By three million votes four years ago and over five million this time. The only difference is the vote for the electoral college which President-Elect Biden has won by a good margin. Then why the silence? Today he talked for the first time in five or six days and again it was trouble. Maybe it goes as his niece Mary Trump said in her book and again last week on one of the news program. He is just a spoiled brat. Naturally it would be hurtful to lose after just one term. But other former Presidents have done it. Take President Carter for example. After losing out to President Reagan he went out and built houses for the poor. Way until he was ninety or better. Another thing that seemed strange. When Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg died, her body wasn’t even cold yet and the Republicans were out trying to fill the vacancy. Now we have had an election and there has been a terrible absence of congratulations from the same members of Congress. That even seems to hold true in this area as well with many of the yard signs still in place. We came within an eyelash from changing from a democracy to an authoritarian form of government. Maybe some day I’ll find out what prompted some of the people to back him. I kind of put the blame on Fox News Channel. I got turned off from that many, many years ago and they seem to be even more biased now. I recall being at a meeting years ago and the speaker was explaining government to us. He was quoting Winston Churchill who said a “democracy is probably the most inefficient form of government in the world. Yet there is none better”.