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Based on the results of their research into other counties, the task force has developed three options to be presented to the public for feedback. Comments received will then be evaluated by the task force in developing their recommendation on board size to the county board in December.

The three options which will be presented at the listening session are: reducing the size of the board to 27 members; reducing the size to 32 members; and maintaining the present size of the board at 38 members.

The charter creating the task force called for it to actively seek out public opinion on their suggestions and comments on board size. The rationale for each of the options will be presented at the Nov. 12 meeting.

The final decision on the size of the county board will be made by the board in February, and any change will impact districts in the 2022 election cycle.

For additional information, contact John Robinson, chair of the Task Force on County Board Size, at 715-212-2227 or by email at john.robinson@co.marathon. or contact Dave Mack, county planning manager, at 715-261-6043 or at dave.