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It snowed again this week, ….

It snowed again this week, …. It snowed again this week, ….

It snowed again this week, the third time this fall already. Not much Monday, but it covered the ground and the temperature cooled, so it stayed around. Finally the skies cleared and the temperature rose a bit and it all disappeared.

The weather people keep saying it is colder than normal. Fine with me as it would be worse next January. It could happen, but I’m betting it won’t.

As I drive around, I still see a soybean field here and there, that is still standing but the main activity seems to be corn picking.

Some are still doing it the old way and making corn shocks. Nothing wrong with that, it just adds to the scenery like grain shocks. I think the stretch of 26 Road from Fairground Avenue to Highway 73 has the most shocks. Then I saw one farmer who apparently gave up on making shocks and is picking it right into his wagon box.


Things happened right here at home. The leaves on the trees finally came down. They either fell to the ground, or stopped in the eave troughs. No problem. Son-in-law Bob Loos came in and made short work of them. I sure hope Rick and Gary are paying attention so they can do the same for their father-in-law when it comes time and he needs the help.

He even trimmed the old flowers around the house, including my magic flower garden out in front of the house. It is a long story. Years ago, Florence decided she wanted a big rock in front of the house. She even got to pick one out and our friend, Norm Schmidt, brought it in with his tractor and loader.

Next came the flower bed which has just grown and grown. Jackie told me I could call it my magic flowers. One day I happened to look out and saw a cat playing in the yard across the street. Finally it turned and came across the street heading right toward the tall flowers. I saw the cat disappear into the flowers and what would you expect? A rabbit came running out. Well, the rabbit is gone and so are the flowers, but the mystery is, where is the cat?


With the leaves gone you can see right into the woods now and I should mention the tamaracks are putting on their annual show. I found another interesting sight last week when I drove to Sue and Mark’s home just out of Holmen. The ridges are covered with a mixture of trees, evergreens, maples and some oak, the kind that turn color, but hold their leaves all winter. They turn kind of a reddish brown and it makes the trip all the more interesting, along with looking at all the sand mines.


Last week I saw an interesting ad in the Turtle Lake Times newspaper. I can’t decide if I should be happy or sad. The ad was from Zion Lutheran Church and it was apologizing for running out of food.

A couple of weeks ago the church had run an ad announcing their annual fall Harvest Dinner. It has been going on for years and the hours were from four to seven. The first ad mentioned the menu, the hours and even gave directions on how to park so the food ordered could be brought out to your car.

The second ad was to apologize for running out of food, like say a little after five. It meant a lot of people went home hungry. Along with that was all the help in the church kitchen. They didn’t get anything either.

I don’t know what happened, but am guessing that many churches who hold fall dinners, didn’t this year. Like the church out at Pipe Lake which cancelled their annual chicken dinner. So I was happy that the fall dinner was a success, but sad so many people didn’t get fed.


I saw a cartoon the other day and had to chuckle. The man was telling his wife how many days, hours and minutes it had been since the last election. To be honest, I had sat down back then and did the same homework.

Four years with a leap year makes for 1,461 days. Twenty-four hours in a day is 35,063 hours, or 210,384 minutes. At the time it seemed like forever, but here we are down to two days, as I write this.

It is a real shame that the political parties have figured out that negative advertising seems to be more effective that trying to tell the good about some candidates.

There is one race I’ve been following where just the opposite is taking place. The Congressman had been voted one of the most cooperative members of Congress to work across party lines. So the next argument presented is he has been there too long. So I have to wonder why you would want to get rid of someone who is really trying to make our democracy work.

Of course, the next thing is always “termlimits”.Thetheorymaysoundgood and it does help pass the responsibilities around, but the down side is you lose someone with experience.

There is always the danger that you leave someone in there too long, which is the public’s fault for allowing it to happen. I guess if anything turned me against belonging to a political party is the fact that you are condoning what is happening.


I’ve been warned about taking everything on Facebook seriously. Well, maybe this one fits. How do you fix a broken pumpkin? With a pumpkin patch.