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Clark County facilities closed to public again as COVID surges

Clark County continues to work through issues and concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. In response to a recent surge in COVID-19 cases, Clark County officials issued a new Declaration of Public Health Emergency on Oct. 28. This declaration allows designated Clark County officials to take actions necessary and expedient for the health, safety, protection, and welfare of persons and property. This situation is rapidly evolving and there are changes in information and guidance coming out frequently.

In response to the current situation and surge in cases, Clark County is taking the following steps to help in efforts to contain spread of the current pandemic and to ensure Clark County departments remain operational. Starting on Nov. 5, public entry into county facilities including the courthouse, highway facilities, and Adult Development Services facilities will be limited to appointment only. Clark County courts will remain open for public access. Individuals should call the Clerk of Courts at 715-743-5181 or the judicial assistant at 715-743-5172 regarding court appearances.

General public traffic in county facilities will not be allowed. Anyone seeking county services must contact the department of interest directly and make an appointment. The department will provide instructions for accessing the county facility. The public may contact the county clerk’s office at 715-743-5148 to be connected to departments if needed.

The county continues to encourage people to use alternate means of communicating with departments such as telephone, e-mail, U.S. Mail, etc. to conduct business where possible. Questions related to changes in service and methods of contact should be directed by telephone to the department you need to make contact with.

Signage has been placed at the entry points to County facilities limiting public access. Anyone entering county facilities will be required to wear an appropriate face covering unless exempted for medical reasons. Refusal to comply may result in being asked to exit the facility.