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Bulldog Banter

Bulldog Banter Bulldog Banter

by Granton District Administrator James Kuchta

In August 2020, the Granton Area School District School Board hired me, James Kuchta, to serve as interim district administrator for the 2020-21 school year. As the school district leader, I immediately recognized many g reat aspects the Granton Area School District has to offer. Granton demonstrates outstanding community support for the school and for students in this small central Wisconsin community.

At school we have a highly dedicated and committed staff who care deeply about the success of their students. As an educator for over 30 years at six different school districts prior to joining Granton, I saw the need to develop a plan for the school district to use as a guiding document for the future. In a School Board Retreat on Sept. 28, we first discussed strategic planning.

Following discussion with the school board, the board committed to developing a strategic plan. In the simplest form, a strategic plan is a document that tells people what the school wants to achieve in the future and how it plans to get there. The plan let’s people know: 1. Why the school exists and 2. Outlines values, beliefs and expectations of staff and students.

Every school, business, team, church or organization has a culture along with values, beliefs and expectations, whether they are written or unwritten. In Granton, there is a Mission Statement and a Vision Statement that was developed years ago. The mission (current direction) of the school and the vision (future direction) outline ideals for the school. In September, the school board decided to reaffirm the current mission and vision of the school district, but to re-visit and update both as part of the strategic planning process.

Components of the Granton Plan will help to give direction for decisions regarding 1. Academics, learning, and technology; 2. Buildings, facilities and finances; and 3.

Programs, personnel and staff. My personal goal through the strategic planning process is to establish a clear and compelling vision for success for Granton Area School District.

Dr. Mike Richie and Mr. James Kuchta, education specialist, will serve as cofacilitators of the Granton Area School District strategic planning process. The school district office is currently requesting names and volunteers of residents, parents, business owners, staff and students to join in the planning process. We will meet periodically during the 2020-21 school year to develop our strategic plan the Granton Way.

If you have suggestions or are interested in being part of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee, please contact the Granton Area School District Office at (715) 238-7292 or send an email to: