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changes as it continued to expand. The school was renovated to add more space for its classes several times and more land was purchased to give the church parking space and a playground area. A convent was also built for the nuns where they lived for many years. The church was also remodeled in the early 2000s to make the church more easily accessible for its congregation.

Other Churches

There are at least two churches in Loyal that used to have a presence in town but today no longer exist. The first of these was the Adventist Church, which had been one of the first churches to be built in the village. It had been built in 1897 and was formerly located on the west side of town. Membership in this church quickly declined after it was built and by the 1930s was no longer used. For a time, the building was used by the Loyal Public School District for some of its classes, but the practice was discontinued after the new school was built in 1938.

The second church that used to have a congregation in Loyal was the New Free Methodist Church. This church was first started in the early 1880s in the Township of York, meeting in area farmhouses for many years. In 1928, their first church was built in Loyal and renamed the New Free Methodist Church to reflect this change. The church was relocated closer to the center of town in 1942 and later remodeled in 1967 as numbers continued to increase. After the turn of the century however, the church went into a decline and by 2008, the church was closed. Today the church still stands on Thomas Street as a residence.