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For those who do mail ….

For those who do mail back a ballot, they can go on the internet to WisVote, a statewide voter registration system. When a citizen requests an absentee ballot, the local clerk inputs their name into the system. Then, when the ballot is returned, that information is also recorded. A voter can visit the site to see if their ballot has been received.

Both Toufar and Schar also said they check absentee ballot envelopes to make sure they are properly filled out, and attempt to contact the voter if mistakes are noted.

None of the absentee ballots are opened prior to election day. They are kept in secure storage, the clerks said, and then opened by election workers on Nov. 3 and fed into the counting systems.

There has been some statewide and nationwide speculation that results of the Nov. 3 presidential election may be delayed due to absentee voting rules and challenges over them in the court system. As long as nothing changes between now and then, the area clerks said the absentee ballot volume will not be that great that they won’t be able to get them counted on Nov. 3.

“We will have our count complete that night,” Hensch said.