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Clark Courthouse entry to be temporarily restricted

Clark County will be placing temporary restrictions to entry at the Clark County Courthouse as part of the evaluation process of a single point of entry plan for security. These temporary restrictions will take place on Sept. 9-11 and again on Sept. 14-16. This is part of a long term process that is underway to plan for the safety and security of Clark County facilities.

On Sept. 9-11, employees and visitors to the Courthouse will only be allowed to enter via the 5th Floor entrance on the South side (E. 5th Street) of the building. Upon entry employees and visitors will be screened for any weapons or contraband by law enforcement personnel before proceeding to their destination. Everyone is reminded that there is a 3-hour limit on street parking in the areas around the Courthouse so be sure to plan accordingly. Employees should utilize the parking lots on the North side of building along E. 6th Street.

On Sept. 14-16, the single point of entry for all employees and visitors will be located on the 1st Floor at the northwest corner of the building. Again, there will be a screening station and everyone will be screened for weapons or contraband. Those with disabilities should use the 5th floor entrance and upon arrival at that entrance should call 715-743-3157 and choose option 1 to gain access to the building. Employees and visitors who do not need parking accommodations should utilize the parking lots on the North side of the Courthouse along E. 6th. St.

These temporary restrictions are being used as part of the planning for Courthouse and county facility security. The evaluation of these two trial periods will be used in future planning to guide long term decisions regarding the best ways to protect employees and visitors to Clark County facilities.