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Youth Option Programs available

The Granton Area School District recognizes that certain gifted, talented and/or accelerated students may expend all available courses and programming available in a particular area of study at the local level. If the course work is exhausted, the guidance counselor and/or gifted and talented coordinator may recommend appropriate course work or programs outside the regular curriculum or school.

Students may file a written request with the Board of Education, requesting that the Board allow them to enroll in post-secondary school course work for high school credit, as long as the course requested is not comparable to a course being offered by the district. The Board of Education will make the determination of comparability. If the student does not agree with the Board’s determination of comparability, he/she may appeal it to the state superintendent.

The student shall specify on the application that if he or she is admitted the institution of higher learning may disclose the student’s grades, the course that he or she is taking and his or her atten- dance record to the Granton Area School District.

If the Board approves the request for post-secondary enrollment for high school credit, the Board shall be responsible for all costs for tuition, fees, books, and other necessary materials. The books and materials shall remain the property of the district. Students may, at their discretion, use the approved course work credit for both high school and post-secondary credit. Unexcused absences or truancy from the approved post-secondary course(s) will be dealt with in accordance to district policy, and the administration may nullify the approved post-secondary enrollment, including the district responsibility of the program costs.

If the number of requests for a post-secondary course offering is at a level normally required for the district to offer a course, and the situation is expected to continue, the district may offer the course at the district level the next school year. However, if the cost of offering a particular course would impose too great a cost for equipment or space, the district may appeal to the state superintendent, asking that the need to offer the course be waived.