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CVTC planning virtual student info sessions

Prospective Chippewa Valley Technical College students will have the opportunity to review school programs, learn about paying for college and hear from students in two webcast events on Perigon (, a virtual event platform, developed by WIN Technologies.

The webcast will be held from noon to 1 p.m., on July 28 and again from 6-7 p.m. July 29. The virtual events are designed to help colleges pave a new path for prospective students with virtual events. Those interested in taking part can register at

Each event will feature everything a student needs to know to get started at CVTC, including an overview of programs, options to pay for college, help with applying, and a live student panel. The major difference between this and other school events will be that students won’t have to leave home to do any of it.

“No one’s dream of a college education should change because access to a physical campus is blocked because of COVID-19,” said Petro Tsarehradsky, vice president of sales and marketing for Perigon. “And no college or university should have to adjust its academic offerings if the technology exists to keep teaching. This technology ensures no one is missing out on the college experience and the prospect of a college education.”

“For us, the virtual offerings like open houses, commencements and school tours might just become part of the ‘new normal,’” said Katy Kiley, college specialist for CVTC. “For students, that new norm provides opportunities to enroll in classes and programs far from home.”

Perigon’s platform allows colleges like CVTC to host several meetings at the same time, giving students access to all the offerings once they log in to the webcast. Students will be able to mingle in a chat room, view presentations, ask questions to the student panel and scan resources that will be available on their screens without having to log off. “The event will include a welcome from President Bruce Barker, an overview of CVTC, a student panel, application information and next steps after acceptance,” Kiley said. “There will be a live chat feature throughout the entire event for viewers to ask questions.” While the changes to communities and education over the past few months are undeniable, Perigon offers a way to provide meaningful connections and opportunities in a virtual space.