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Rescheduled Granton breakfast on July 19 will be drive-thru style

Rescheduled Granton breakfast on July 19 will be drive-thru style Rescheduled Granton breakfast on July 19 will be drive-thru style

June Dairy Month may have ended, but plans to hold the Granton Dairy Breakfast are still underway. A drivethru version of the event will be held on July 19 at the Granton Area Fire Station, after being postponed for more than a month. Serving will be from 7 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

The original dairy breakfast was scheduled for May 31 at the Jim and Caroline Walter Farm, which is now slated to be host for the breakfast in 2022. With concerns about the COVID-19 virus in full swing at the time, many area dairy breakfasts were cancelled entirely. For the leaders in charge of the Granton Dairy Breakfast though, cancellation never quite crossed their minds.

“The original idea (when the dairy breakfast was postponed) was to have the the meal in October and celebrate Fire Safety Week along with the Fire Department,” said Annette Woller, president of the Granton FFA Alumni. “However, with all the church functions and picnics, there were too many conflicts. So, when we heard about Colby’s drive-thru dairy breakfast, we thought we could pull that off. And thus, the planning began.”

While planning the drive-thru event, Woller said preparations came together rather quickly. Still partnering with the Granton Fire Department, the Alumni had to figure out how to set up the event, covering details such as food preparation and donations.

“It wasn’t too challenging, it was just fast planning,” she said on the preparations for the breakfast. “The worker schedule had to be adjusted as we won’t have as much set up. We will also have smaller groups doing the egg preparation and we will be doing those at (the Granton) school as opposed to the ballpark for more space. Our biggest fear and concern was getting donations from businesses who were affected by the current pandemic. We didn’t want to put a burden on those companies.”

The setup at the Granton Area Fire Station, located at 116 S. Main St., will allow volunteers working at the breakfast to be as safe as possible when preparing and delivering food to those attending the event.

“The safety of our workers and those attending the breakfast was and still is our biggest concern,” said Woller. “We have talked about the workers taking precautions when preparing the food. We will also be social distancing while serving as well.”

To participate in the drive-thru dairy breakfast, attendees will be asked to proceed north down the village’s Maple Street to get to the Granton Fire Station and exit onto County Highway K/Main Street. Signs will be used to direct traffic down the streets, and people are asked to have their order and money ready to keep the event running smoothly.

“Our goal was to get traffic to travel down Maple Street to the fire station,” said Woller. “As they progress down the hill, someone will

TRG FILE PHOTO be there to take their order and money. A slip with their order will be placed on the side mirror and they will proceed down toward the fire station where someone will take the order and deliver it to the car.”

In keeping with guidelines from the Public Health Department, the meal will be the only feature of this year’s dairy breakfast and there will be no public restrooms available. Attendees are asked to stay in their vehicles at all times during the event.

The breakfast will serve meals from 7 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. at the Granton Area Fire Station. Items to be served include pancakes, special eggs, sausage, cheese curds, applesauce, maple syrup, butter, ice cream and white or chocolate milk. Ordered meals will be separated into hot and cold packages to ensure quality. The cost of the meal is $7 and all proceeds from the breakfast will go toward supporting the Granton Agricultural Education Department and Granton FFA chapter activities.


The July 19 Granton FFA Alumni Dairy Breakfast will be served in drive-thru style at the Granton Fire station, from7 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Watch for signs to direct you through the line.