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Bare store shelves don’t have to mean low nutrition meals

With grocery store shelves looking a little different these days, planning healthy family meals can be trickier than normal. Many people are working from home and kids are out of school, so families are cooking more meals at home. As some supermarkets struggle to keep shelves stocked, some items may be unavailable, have limits on the quantity that can be purchased or are more expensive.

Security Health Plan Health Educator Angie Pero explained that despite COVID-19, her advice for eating healthy hasn’t changed.

“Eat more fruits and vegetables, but look for frozen or canned options if you have difficulty finding fresh. You’ll still receive a similar nutritional value,” she explained.

Finding simple recipes that use fewer ingredients can also be a way to save money, as they can be used for more than one meal. Plan a few freezerfriendly meals before your next shopping trip. Ingredients such as beans are inexpensive, versatile and pack a powerful nutritional punch.

“Shelf-stable items, like beans, pasta and whole grains are ways to stretch your meals further, and meatless meal options can also save a few dollars,” Pero said. “It’s also a great time to try a new recipe or ingredient. People tend to eat the same thing – now is a great time to break out of your ‘food funk.’” Before heading to the supermarket, plan each breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for several days in advance. Planning ahead will result in fewer impulse purchases and can help keep curb costs at the grocery store. Think of items that may be sold out and alternatives that could be used instead.

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