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‘Tolerance’ an appropriate choice for final Word of the Month

Spencer’s Social and Emotional Learning word for May is TOLERANCE.

Tolerance is the willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own, and to admire the good qualities and good work of others; to express one’s point of view in a decent and respectful way while respecting the sentiments of others.

Whether you are a mom or dad, aunt or uncle, teacher or a neighbor, teaching tolerance, especially to children, is something we must all take responsibility for. Children are impressionable and are still forming their perceptions of the world. They notice how we as adults attach values to differences. Hence, in the absence of their own experiences, they tend to base their impressions and opinions of one another on assumptions influenced by the positive or negative beliefs of those who are either closest or most influential in their lives, including parents or other family members, colleagues, educators, and/or role models. Therefore, promote openness and respect by demonstrating empathy and compassion through your words and actions. Treat others with respect, and your child will, too. Remember that kids are always listening and observing. Teach them love. Be an example of loving others despite and because of their differences. Learn to honor traditions and learn about others’ traditions. Talk about differences respectfully and about how it’s good that people are different. Accept others who are different in their race, gender, culture, habits, and beliefs. The world is full of diversity and that is the beauty of our universe. Here is a summary of Spencer’s Social and Emotional Learning words this year: -- Optimism: A feeling or belief that good things will happen -- Integrity: The quality of being honest, fair, and having strong moral values -- Perseverance: The ability to get through difficult tasks without giving up -- Respect: A feeling or understanding that someone or something has value -- Cooperation: Working together towards a shared goal or purpose -- Empathy: The ability to understand someone else’s needs and share their feelings -- Self-confidence: A feeling or belief in your own power and ability -- Responsibility: The moral obligation to behave fairly in consideration of self and others -- Tolerance: Willingness to accept feelings, habits, or beliefs that are different from your own

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