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Spencer kindergarten staff reminded of what’s most important

School Year 2019-2020: The Year of Covid!

Our year started like any other school year. We learned the rules, made new friends, took awesome field trips, had classroom celebrations and shared our school spirit. We watched amazing progress and growth from our youngest Rockets as the year progressed and we were so proud! We were excited to end the year strong, achieve our goals and say goodbye to our almost first-graders.

Then one day in March everything changed so abruptly. We gathered materials, planned for our families and figured out how to stay in touch on a daily basis with our students. It was clear that our school was in a good place, so let the learning continue. And it did! We learned new ways to use technology, talked daily with almost all of our families, and embraced the new normal.

Our new school normal has taught our kindergarten team a few lessons.

What we learned from being apart: We learned that being a teacher without students in our classrooms is just not the same.

We learned how much joy we have in our hearts for “our kids”.

We learned that it’s important to have contact with our peers, students and families. It doesn’t feel right without them.

We learned that being a Rocket is a pretty amazing thing!

What we miss the most: We miss squirmy bodies sitting on the carpet at story time.

We miss sweaty heads coming in from recess.

We miss hugs, high fives, and “I love you” from our sweet students.

We miss the giggles from their own jokes.

We miss the reading safaris, western adventures, and Arctic expeditions.

We miss that eureka moment when those little minds catch on to something new.

We miss our last performance at the Tack Center.

We miss our walks to the Public Library and then a stop at the park to play.

We miss our students walking across the bridge at the park to get their kindergarten diplomas.

We miss our kindergarteners!

We will never forget this school year and we look forward to having squirmy bodies on the rug again soon. We look forward to Show and Tell, birthday cupcakes, new shoes that make them run really fast, field trips, book orders and school celebrations.

Congratulations Kindergarteners, we are so proud of you and wish you well in first grade! Have a safe and healthy summer!

Kindergarten teachers Logan Bezlyk, Sheri Tomke and Janet Wolf