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Spencer fifth-graders have been on wild journey

This school year has certainly been a wild and crazy adventure. We have had so much fun creating memories with our kids. We have endured sad times, celebrated joyous moments, challenged ourselves to show integrity, and had many laughs along the way, too.

It is hard to believe that our entire fourth quarter has been virtual schooling. We are so proud of our kids and how they handled the transition. They have tackled our learning targets using online programs that many had never seen before and they thrived. If you ever need someone to show you how to rock online learning, just ask our fifth-graders. They have become masters of Google Classroom, Kami, Edpuzzle, Flipgrid, and many more.

What we are most proud of is how they have shown perseverance and true grit with their learning in this bizarre situation. We teachers treasure our Morning Meetings with the kids. It has been awesome to visit with them, talk about life and catch up, and play a few crazy games, too. A favorite was the online Scavenger Hunt. The laughter was infectious as we watched them rush to beat the clock and bring their treasures to the computer screen. The kids proudly displayed their rolls of toilet paper, TV remotes, dancing family members, and frying pans. The giggles were good for the mind and the soul in troubling times!

We have been focusing on many fifth-grade learning standards during our virtual learning journey. In math class we studied geometry, multi-digit multiplication, long division, coordinate planes, powers of ten and place value, and the world of fractions. Reading class brought the challenges of inferencing and text structure. In language class, students learned all about Greek and Latin roots, grammar skills, and creative narrative writing. We may have been told we had to stop meeting in our school building, but that didn’t stop us from learning. As you can see, you can’t stop a young Rocket from soaring!!

We look back upon this year with great fondness. We have had some great times together. It saddens us to think our kids won’t enjoy their Spring Concert, Rocket Olympics, or the Taylor County Youth Expo field trip. It is what it is. However, there is a hidden blessing in it all. It has made us all appreciate the value of human connections and our love for family. Our fifth-grade family is strong and will finish this year strong.