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It looked great out, so ….

It looked great out, so …. It looked great out, so ….

It looked great out, so I went for a short walk, then a short ride. Have been watching for May flowers and finally today some popped up. The same can be said for farmers and a number were out in the fields today. I would suppose that some are getting anxious to get their small grains in.


Everyone seems to have a different interpretation of what “stay at home” means. After visiting with Sue, I have agreed it means staying away from people. That is probably where our plans for Easter came up. We had plans A, B or C, which involved one of us driving to the others house, or meeting in between. When the snow arrived Easter morning, we went to Plan D. That would be to delay Easter dinner a few days and thankfully Granddaughter Stephanie took care of me in grand style instead.

Plan D was for me to drive to Holmen on Saturday where I could enjoy the dinner Sue was planning. Since she works with the medical profession all week, it all went according to plan. No hugs and I sat on one end of the table, she sat on the other and her husband Mark got a TV table in the corner.

Lots of leftovers to bring home, along with some of Sue’s homemade bean soup and a batch of ginger snaps. Can’t say I don’t have her trained.

The best turned out to be a tip from Mark. On the way down to Holmen I play the gas price game. With gas at $1.44 that day when I left, I found lots of lower prices. One down to $1.18. Mentioning this to Mark he informed me it was only $1.05 in Holmen. The three mile out-of -the-way detour seemed well worth it. I used my credit card and only paid $1.02. Plus the fact I could do it without talking to anyone was the final benefit.


As I backed out of my garage to go on Saturday, I noticed a friend sitting on my front porch. He isn’t exactly an old friend as I just met him in mid-February in Florida.

Remember me telling you my trip to visit Jackie and Bob in Florida was a little more planned then met the eye. Another surprise awaited me when we got down there. Jackie, in her attempt to win the title as “favorite child”, mentioned around about me needing a little help walking. A neighbor came up with not one but two aides. One a wheel chair and the other a walker, just like daughter Shelly has. Someone had given them to this neighbor, so she was just passing them forward.

I used the walker on the day we toured the Edison/Ford museum and since there was a handy statue of Thomas Edison outside the museum where I could have my picture taken, I decided to call him Tommy.

There wasn’t room in Kent’s Malibu, so I had to wait until Bob and Jackie got home to really start getting acquainted with Tommy, but so far he and I are hitting it off pretty well. Once the weather warms up I hope to swing him around and sit in the special seat and try hoeing some weeds in my flower beds.


The news across the country seems to just dwell on the virus. The president keeps things stirred up by giving his own theory on how to fight it and today it looks like it backfired on him. The news on the Internet tonight mentioned he may be cutting back on his news conferences.

So many are upset with the restrictions and cancellations, but never look at the loss of life. We have now passed the number killed in the Korean War and are close to the death toll in the Vietnam War. At the rate of over 1,000 deaths a day we’ll soon bypass the 58,000 by the end of the week.

Then there is scrap on Capitol Hill on how to help the economy along. The president again is claiming it will jump back and be better than ever. On the other hand, if it had been so good, why hadn’t more people and businesses worked to build up a reserve instead of spending it all as we went along. I guess it might be like the kettle calling the pan black, as I always longed for the day we had a small reserve.

As Congress talks about ways to help businesses, it always seems like the ones who need help the worst are left out while others jump in ahead of them. Some are actually giving money back that they borrowed when the truth becomes known.

I think they are also forgetting the money being appropriated to help is not exactly free money, but driving the national debt higher and higher. Our senate majority leader seems to want to borrow a phrase from the president and suggests the states simply declare bankruptcy. I wonder if he ever figured out that in the case of the bankruptcy someone is going to be the loser and it won’t be the states.

Friday night several news channels were talking with historians and not one could ever think of a president that shows no sorrow for the thousands who have already died and the sorrowing relatives they leave behind. They also noted the president doesn’t seem to acknowledge the loss of life, but only how soon the country can get back running again. He may be shocked to learn it isn’t going to be that easy, not to mention paying off the national debt, which seems to grow day by day.


Sometimes I’m amazed at how long it takes for my mind to sink into what is happening. I’ve mentioned before about reading the Turtle Lake Times newspaper and their weekly police blotter. There is always numerous mention of runs to the Casino Hotel for checks on drugs. All of a sudden that is not mentioned. After the third week it finally hit me. The casino is closed, so there is no one staying at the hotel and thus there is no marijuana being smoked.


I know it isn’t the season, but the paper of quotes I picked up in Georgia had some clever Christmas questions. Just to make sure I don’t lose the paper I’ll share them for May Day.

A man was charged in court with shopping too early for Christmas. The judge asked how early were you? Before the store opened, the man said. Which reindeer has the cleanest antlers? Comet. What do you call a broke Santa? Saint Nickel-Less. What is a snowman’s favorite food? Brrrrrrr-itos.