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Zschernitz saw action in four ….

Zschernitz saw action in four games in 2019, preserving his red shirt, and the thought of what he and his teammates on the O-line could do over the next four years excites him.

“In the non-conference games I think we should win every game,” he said. “We got to have that mindset towards every game and trust in yourself that what you put in is good enough.”

Of course, much of the future is obscured at the moment by the looming specter of COVID-19. The coronavirus has cast a long shadow on the future of the 2020 NCAA football season, and forced Zschernitz and every other student to leave campus.

It also means having to miss out on spring camp, and the chance to improve his strength, technique and skills.

“Not having face to face with coaches is pretty tough,” Zschernitz says. “Learning plays online is challenging, but we have weekly meetings for plays. So, every week we are learning different concepts and we have quizzes on it to make sure we are learning it correctly.”

The class work also extends to work-outs, where Zschernitz is doing what he can to maintain his size and fitness.

He understands the uncertainty surrounding next season, but his goals remain the same, as does his hunger for more.

“I’ve definitely done some of my goals, but once you get to your goals you have to set new, bigger and better goals,” he said. “There’s still four more years to work, to trust the process and see what happens.”