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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message Principal’s Message

by Grade 6-12 Principal Jason Gorst

While next school year may seem a long way off, we are in the midst of registering for classes and creating a master schedule for next year. We pride ourselves in being able to offer a small school atmosphere while still proving a multitude of course options for our students. While many students have not chosen their future profession, it is important to continue to work with students to help them choose classes that will positively impact them as they prepare for life after high school. No two students are alike and that is why we avoid putting all of our eggs in one basket when it comes to our course offerings. Below is an update of some of the innovative and unique opportunities that we provide in Spencer.

Our CTE department is made up of business, agriculture, family and consumer science and technical education courses. In Business Ed, students have the opportunity to learn about marketing, accounting, entrepreneurship and coding, just to name a few subjects. In our agriculture courses, students might focus on plant, animal, or food science or maybe a little bit of each. Our Family and Consumer Science department is highlighted by our very popular culinary arts program with sewing, interior design and parent and children classes also being offered. Finally, our Tech Ed program provides pathways in woods and metals with additional opportunities in construction, engineering, small engines and Computer Automated Design.

There is a fair amount of variety in our core subject classes that can appeal to varying student interests and aptitudes. After learning about the basics of biology, chemistry and physics, students may choose to advance in any of those areas, or get more specific with environmental science, astronomy, or even microbiology. Students who excel in English may advance to college English or participate in written communication where technical college credit can be earned. Our Social Studies Department offers a wide array of elective requirements including America at war, psychology, sociology, sports psychology and AP psychology. Math students can take the challenging path of advanced math and AP calculus or receive instruction in consumer math or statistics and probability in which they are learning math that can be applied to everyday life.

Spencer is a school that prides itself in the arts and our course offerings most certainly reflect that appreciation. Many students participate in our English handbell program as well as our concert band and concert choir. Within those, several elective opportunities such as the cabaret, madrigal, jazz band and solo and ensemble exist for our students. Our art program provides opportunities in drawing, ceramics, and painting. Next year we are excited to be offering courses in digital art and sculpture.

While our current physical education courses tend to be more on the traditional side of PE courses, we are excited at the possibilities a new facility will bring when it comes to the innovative courses we may be able to offer.

All in all we are very proud of the fact that our students have the opportunity to be well-rounded individuals with the option to specialize in certain fields in their time in high school. We are very excited to see what the future brings.