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kindergarten news kindergarten news

Looking at our students now, it is amazing to see how their skills have developed and grown since the beginning of school. It is hard to believe we are halfway done with the school year.

The kindergarteners are fortunate to see awesome plays in the LTCA. We enjoyed “My Mouth is a Volcano” and “Judy Moody and Stink.“ We had a cozy December singing in the music concert, making gingerbread houses, and having pajama day watching the Polar Express. Ms. Tomke’s class sent gingerbread men and letters to most of the 50 states and a couple of other countries in a gingerbread exchange. What fun learning interesting facts about the states and their school.

During January we have been completing several assessments and impressed by how many of the scores are climbing. When it was Martin King Jr.’s birthday, we learned about some important African American people including Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, and Harriet Tubman.

The kindergarten classes will be sliding right into February down the tubing slope at Bruce Mound! We hope that the temperature will be just right for having outdoor fun and learning about gravity, resistance, and friction. We hope that Mr. Groundhog does not see his shadow and spring will be arriving shortly. The 100th day party will be exciting with fantastic projects done by the students and dressing up as 100-year-olds.

We will be visiting the Star Lab and learning about the night sky and constellations. We will be studying several presidents and their importance in history. During February, we will be working hard on our writing skills addressing letters to our families. We will visit the post office and learn how our mail is sorted and delivered. In the coming months we will continue to read books for our “Reading is a Real Tweet” Reading incentive program.

We have been traveling with Jack and Annie in the Magic Tree House series visiting castles, traveling on pirate ships, having tea in Japan, swinging on vines in the Amazon, and exploring the ice age. In between our adventures, we are reading and sounding out more words to write sentences and stories. We are learning about beginning, ending, and middle sounds. Our work with word families has moved us into making rhymes as well as making books and reading to each other. We are counting to higher numbers and learning about ten frames and measurement. We are doing Math Magic to learn about adding and subtracting.