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Grade 4 news

Grade 4 news Grade 4 news

We are having a fantastic year. The students are working hard and are making great progress. We want to thank all the parents for their help and support in making this possible. We had a wonderful experience of having a student teacher for the first semester in fourth grade. It was bittersweet saying goodbye, but we are so excited for her next teaching chapter and wish her all the best.

In math, we are working hard on our Bridges Math program. Keep studying those basic math facts (+x-) It makes a HUGE difference in learning more difficult concepts as we go along. We are looking forward to our upcoming family math night in February!

Our reading has taken us on lots of adventures so far this year. We’ve kicked off our “Reading is a Real Tweet” school incentive program with a Rockin’ Robin staff dance. From there, we’ve tackled a Reading Rodeo AR challenge and dressed up as cowboys, “traveled” the world, and most recently had our teachers dress up as hot dogs. We are currently working toward a Rock Star Readers AR challenge. Keep it up fourth grade!!

We soon will be starting our lumberjack unit which culminates with our annual lumberjack breakfast. The students will dress like lumberjacks and bring in their handmade tools. When we have completed the lumberjack unit, we will need to get busy learning about how our government works before our trip to Madison to visit our State Capitol building and the State Historical Society Museum on May 12. We’d love for a parent or two to come with each student. Please remember to keep donating your cans to our can cage in the elementary teacher parking lot on the south end of the building. It helps to fund this amazing trip.