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Court Summons


STATE OF WISCONSIN CIRCUIT COURT TAYLOR COUNTY Case No. 16-FA-46 In re the Support of L.L.B.: Britney L. Hostetler, Petitioner, and Logan M. Bucki, Respondent.


You are hereby notified that on June 3, 2020 the Taylor County Family Court Commissioner issued an Order to Appear for a final hearing in the above case on July 16, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Pursuant to Wis. Stat. §801.11, you are hereby notified of this court hearing. This court hearing will be held virtually before the Honorable Bonnie Wachsmuth at the Taylor County Courthouse via Zoom. To obtain the instructions on how to appear remotely via Zoom for this court hearing you should contact the Taylor County Clerk of Court at 715-748-1425. The Taylor County Clerk of Court’s address is 224 S. Second Street, Medford, Wisconsin 54451. This final court hearing was scheduled based on the respondent Logan Bucki’s Motion to Change Legal Custody and Physical Placement he filed on 10-7-2019. That motion stated he requested the 8-5-2019 court order be modified from shared placement to primary placement with Mr. Bucki and that placement with Britney Hostetler be supervised. That motion also requested Mr. Bucki be granted sole legal custody of L.L.B. That motion also requested that his current child support obligation be terminated and that Britney Hostetler be ordered to pay Mr. Bucki child support. Mr. Bucki also filed an Affidavit to Show Cause and Request for Temporary Order on 1-15-2020. That Affidavit stated Mr. Bucki wants a Temporary Order to have his current child support order terminated because he has L.L.B. “…fulltime and I am also paying child support still due to child support not being able to cancel it unless the other party agrees to it in which case they will not do so…” A Temporary Hearing was held on Mr. Bucki’s filed motions on 4-6-2020. At that 4-6-2020 Temporary Hearing the Court entered the following Temporary Order: Logan Bucki is granted primary physical placement of L.L.B, dob: 3-22-2016; Britney Hostetler shall have placement as agreed to by Mr. Bucki or pursuant to a subsequent court order; and Logan Bucki’s child support obligation is terminated effective 2-1-2020.

The final hearing on Mr. Bucki’s motions is scheduled for July 16, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. You are hereby notified that if you do not appear at this final hearing, the Family Court Commissioner may enter a default judgment against you and may issue an order adopting the Guardian ad Litem’s report. You are hereby notified the Guardian ad Litem, (Attorney Shawn M. Paul of Paul Law Office LLC, 330 S. Whelen Avenue, Medford, WI 54451), filed her Guardian ad Litem report on 6-4-2020. If you wish to view the Guardian ad Litem’s report you must contact the Taylor County Circuit Court at 715-748-1435 to schedule an appointment to do so. You should review the Guardian ad Litem report before the June 16, 2020 hearing. (1st ins. June 11, 3rd ins. June 25)

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