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Ordinance notices

Town of Roosevelt Taylor County Ordinance No. 4-2019 Ordinance Establishing Fire Protection Charges It is hereby ordained by the Town Board of the Town of Roosevelt, Taylor County, Wisconsin, as follows: Section 1. Authority: This ordinance is adopted pursuant to the authority granted town boards under s. 60.55(2)(b), Wis. Stats. which allows towns to recover the cost of fire calls made to property within the town.

Section 2. Liability for Fire Protection Costs: The Town of Roosevelt, Taylor County, Wisconsin, hereby imposes a charge for each fire call made within the limits of the Town of Roosevelt. Such fee shall not exceed the actual cost to the Town for the fire call. Please refer to the attached listing of fire call charges. If the call is to real estate located within the Town, the charges shall be imposed on all owners of the real estate to which the particular fire call is made. In the event that a fire call is not made to real estate located within the Town, but is instead made to a vehicle located on a public road within the Town, the charges provided for under this ordinance shall be imposed on all owners of such vehicle.

Section 3. Payment of Fire

Call Fee: The fire call charges provided for in this ordinance shall be paid in full to the Clerk of the Town of Roosevelt no later than 60 days after the date of the particular fire call. The failure to pay the bill within 60 days will result in interest being charged at the rate of 1 1/2 percent per month from the date of the bill. Those bills for fire calls to real estate, including interest, that remain outstanding for more than 90 days as of November 1 of any year shall become a lien against the real estate and shall be placed on the tax roll as a delinquent special charge under s. 66.0627, Wis. Stat.

Section 4. Liability for Fire Calls from Fire Departments Other than Authorized Fire Departments: It is the policy of the Town of Roosevelt to contract with the following fire departments: Lublin Fire Department. Any property owner requesting fire protection directly from any fire department other than those listed above shall be responsible for the full costs billed to the town resulting from the fire call. This section shall not apply to the costs of any other department responding at the request of an authorized department under a mutual aid agreement.

Section 5. Severability:

Should any section or provisions of this ordinance be declared invalid for any reason, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this ordinance.

Section 6. Effective Date:

This ordinance shall become effective upon adoption and publication or posting, as provided by law, pursuant to s. 60.80, Wis. Stat.

Filed this 11th day of December, 2019.

/s/ Gerard Nicpon, Chairman /s/ Tom Dubiak, Supervisor /s/ Dave Shewczyk, Supervisor Attest: /s/ Monica Knusta, Clerk (One ins. February 6)

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