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Ordinance notices

Amended Ordinance (02-05) New No. 1-2020

Ordinance to Regulate Heavy Traffic

State of Wisconsin Town of Grover Taylor County The town board of the Town of Grover, Taylor County, Wisconsin, by this resolution and ordinance, adopted on proper notice with quorum and by roll call vote of the majority of the town board present and voting resolves and orders as follows: Effective October 8, 2019 the following Town of Grover highways are designated as heavy traffic routes and heavy traffic on the following town highways is restricted or prohibited as follows: Pursuant to s. 349.17 (2) Wis. Stats., “heavy traffic” means all vehicles not operating completely on pneumatic tires and all vehicles or combination of vehicles, other than motor buses, designed or used for transporting property of any nature and having a gross weight of more than 8,000 pounds. (excluding all farm equipment) Any mining, logging and or trucking company will pay all 100% of any and all damages caused to roads by any and all trucking and/or mining vehicles and/or equipment. These damages will be paid in full to the town of Grover within 30 days of damage.

This ordinance applies to all town roads in the Township of Grover.

The town chairperson, or his designee, shall place appropriate traffic signs on the abovedescribed highways, on or before the effective date of this resolution.

The town clerk shall properly post or publish the resolution as required under s. 60.80, Wis. Stats.

Adopted this 14th day of January, 2020.

/s/ Craig Bolz, Chairman /s/ Dane Bolz, Supervisor /s/ William Grote, Supervisor Attest: /s/ Mary Quante, Clerk (One ins. January 23)

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