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A few things to be thankful for

A few things to be thankful for A few things to be thankful for

This November has been a strange month in a strange year. It began with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and then we experienced cold and flurries. The snow has held off for the most part, but I know that sooner rather than later winter will arrive in Wisconsin. It always does.

I’m finding it harder and harder to find the courage to get out of bed these mornings. The warm blankets are so inviting, and the cold air in my apartment in the morning is something I have to brace myself against. When I do whip the covers off I run like mad into the shower and turn the warm water on as fast as I can.

Waking up in the mornings during the summer is easy, when the weather is hot and the sun is bright. It’s far harder to roll out of bed when you see nothing but grey skies, the bare skeletons of trees, bereft of their leaves, and piles of snow gracing sidewalks and roads.

But for all that, it makes me especially thankful for those simple pleasures. I think far too often we take for granted something like a comfortable bed, warm blankets and a hot shower. We’ve grown accustomed to them over the years, and we often forget that for millions around the world clean drinking water is a rarity.

This year has been hard. It’s been the sort of year no one will ever forget, the kind of year that gets studied in history books.

The people I see have faced this year with a quiet resiliency. They’ve weathered the ups and downs of 2020, and I think have come out stronger for it. I know I have. COVID-19 forced me to become more creative, explore avenues and stories that I had no idea were under my nose.

I found a blessing in disguise in that I was able to write feature profiles on so many student-athletes from Colby and Abbotsford, and show readers where their next chapter will be written.

I am so thankful to every student-athlete, and every person, that I interviewed this year, and that was willing to share their story. When someone opens up about the things that motivate them, or the doubts they have had or had to overcome, that’s an honor.

I am thankful to have been able to write those stories and honored and also grateful for the hours and work it provided me, when all around me friends and family struggled to find work or stay employed.

I am thankful that I get to be your sports reporter, that I can get paid to cover a football game or cross-country race or volleyball meet and swim competition.

I was thankful to cover the Abbotsford Falcons football team in Thorp on Thursday. The game resulted in a victory for the Falcons, and they become the first Abbotsford team in program history to end the season on a victory.

It’s always nice to win. It’s fun, it’s great, and it makes people happy. Losing is hard, but not being able to play is even harder, especially when a team just down the road is getting that opportunity.

After the game the Abbotsford coaches spoke about resiliency, about staying focused and making the most of an opportunity. If this year has done anything for me, it’s reminded me to count my blessings, to be flexible and find silver linings in even the worst of situations.

For as hard as 2020 and dealing with COVID-19 has been, there has been a lot of great memories, and for that I will be forever thankful.