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Waiting for the future to start

Waiting for the future to start Waiting for the future to start

I don’t know that I have ever been considered a patient man. I’m often told patience is a virtue, but for some reason, I always seem in short supply of patience. It’s probably because I have about a dozen events or stories to write or cover at the same time.

This year has definitely tried my patience, as I am sure it has for everyone. I’m tired of hearing about the upcoming presidential election and tired of hearing about COVID-19, even as I write stories about the pandemic and its effect on the state and country.

But that’s my job and it’s my duty to shoulder on and provide stories that grip and teach and entertain my readers. Speaking of patience, this fall sports season got off a slow start, but as the expression goes, better late than never.

The same attitude can be applied to my beloved Wisconsin Badgers. I’ve enjoyed watching college football since it first began some weeks ago, but it’s been absolute agony watching the likes of Alabama, Clemson and Georgia play while my Badgers languished.

All of that changes this Friday when the Big Ten finally kicks off its first game of the season. I’m not entirely happy with that date since I’ll be in Abbotsford watching the Falcons take on Marathon, and that promises to be a good game as the Red Raiders gave Colby everything they could handle.

The Hornets eventually got the best of their new conference rivals in the Marawood, courtesy of a big game from senior Ross Elmhorst (great first name, by the way) and Brent Jeske and their fleet feet.

Since we are speaking about Wisconsin, if you get a chance, I suggest you get a glimpse of Jeske and his two brothers, Andrew and Derek, while they are still playing for Colby.

If the stars shine true, and the Hornets continue their ascent, Colby could be seeing a few home town heroes playing in Camp Randall. Sound far fetched? Perhaps, but the Wisconsin Badgers football program is filled with stories of players from small towns who have achieved stardom, and all three young men have talent in spades.

Derek, you’ll recall, had a great defensive touchdown against Thorp and Andrew has been an absolute terror on the fields, amassing tackles the way a bank amasses money.

I sincerely believe Andrew, Brent and Derek will be like their older brother, Connor, and will be suiting up and playing football in the NCAA. The talent is clearly there, and the drive is there. I am curious to see where they go. Will it be in D-III, D-II or D-I?

Brent has already staked his claim as a future NCAA athlete. Colby’s signal caller recently graced the front page of BadgerBlitz, the premier site for all things Wisconsin Badgers related on, one of the top recruiting websites in the nation. Brent has been in touch with multiple Ivy Leagues, but the Wisconsin Badgers have reached out him. That’s where my lack of patience comes in. I can’t wait to see which NCAA program offers this kid first.

I can’t wait to see all three boys in pads and kicking tail at the next level. I can’t wait to see them in the colors of the Badgers and making plays in Camp Randall. I know that’s a dream Brent has for himself, but I definitely want to see that dream come true. It’s something I am cheering for as hard as I cheer for the Badgers.