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E DITOR Trump offers much better agenda than Democrats

To the editor: President Trump (R) is a proven leader. Until COVID-19, he had our economy roaring, record low unemployment among all demographics, higher wages, lower taxes for 90 percent of taxpayers, and trade deals to benefit our country.

He brought manufacturing and jobs back that the Obama/Biden administration said were gone for good. He is securing our borders and stemming illegal immigration. He fulfilled most of his campaign promises and some from past administrations. He’s bringing peace to the Middle East (something past administrations failed to do). He made the U.S. energy independent in 2019. He took early action (stopping air travel from China) and is already doing some of what former VP Biden (D) is proposing concerning COVID-19.

Our economy is recovering from COVID- 19 but is hampered by some states still being shut down by Democrat governors. (Shutdowns created many problems— businesses closing, unemployment, mental health issues, rise in suicides, etc.) Mr. Trump makes decisions based on input from many experts, not just medical. Mr Trump will keep us on the path of prosperity.

Mr. Biden is a 47-year politician. He helped preside over the most anemic “recovery” since the Great Depression and adopted policies that have destroyed nations such as Venezuela (once prosperous and now in ruins). He pushed for $4 per gallon gas. He supports Marxist groups such as BLM, promotes taxpayer- funded abortion, and promises free health care and citizenship for 22 million illegals. He is proposing massive new spending and promised to end charter schools and voucher programs, reverse the Trump tax cuts, and raise taxes on businesses (which will increase product costs to everyone). He has a history of voting for higher taxes and has stated his willingness to take power/control from the states. He hid from the public for almost three months—you can’t run a country by hiding in fear.

The Democrat platform advances socialist ideals, are against photo ID requirements, and want to mandate mailin balloting (different than absentee voting) and ballot harvesting (campaign employees handling ballots). It includes gun bans and other firearms regulations. Democrats want statehood for territories and DC (the District of Columbia) and to pack courts with liberal judges (to help push through their agenda and bypass the will of the American people).

Generations of Americans have died fighting against the “ideals” the Democrat party now embodies. Mr. Biden said “Right now, I’m the Democratic Party.”

The media and social media limit conservative speech and shut down doctors and experts who don’t agree with their COVID narrative. They supported “protests“ until it hurt Mr. Biden in the polls, then blamed Mr. Trump for the “riots.” Their biased commentaries amount to hundreds of hours of free ads for the Biden campaign (and possibly election manipulation on a massive scale).

Senator Harris is an extreme liberal who couldn’t get close to the nomination during the primaries and has expressed her hatred for America. She talked about “a Harris administration together with Joe Biden as president of the United States,” and the part Mr. Biden would play in a Harris administration.

Their policies would make America like California, which has been run by Democrats for decades ($15,000–$20,000 a year in “low” property taxes, power blackouts, schools ranking near the nation’s bottom, half the nation’s homeless, a third of its welfare recipients, and one-fifth of the residents living below the poverty level).

We have a choice to make, prosperity with Mr. Trump or putting America on a slide towards socialism with Mr. Biden.

Timothy Kapfhamer


Trump has failed

To the editor: Trump has rolled back clean air and water protections, most environmental protections, wildlife habitat protections, the Endangered Species Act, rolled back health care access, and still not provided the plan he promised.

He has embarrassed and humiliated America in the international world, collapsed the economy, and spent almost four years belittling veterans, calling people names, and putting America last in the scientific community. And Trump’s incompetence and lack of example and leadership on the COVID pandemic will negatively impact America for years to come.

Increasingly, Trump has been enabling right-wing domestic terrorists with his careless rhetoric and fear of a loss in the coming election.

Trump has been bouncing from issue to issue to find something he has not failed at, but he is failing at that. From Trump’s March 13 press conference and what could be Trump’s campaign motto: “No, I don’t take responsibility at all.” Does America need another four years of someone that will take no responsibility for their actions?

Rich Wentzel