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E DITOR Sign thefts un-American

To the editor: To the thieves who stole my yard signs: It’s bad enough you stole political signs, but when you steal American flag signs, it shows how low you are. Lower than a snake’s belly. Very un-American.

Sherry Viegut Abbotsford

Stealing yard signs robs us of freedom of expression

To the editor: My son and his family live in south Minneapolis, five blocks from where George Floyd tragically died. During the week this happened I was visiting them, and had the experience of smelling the smoke from the riots, and later driving past the destruction that resulted from them.

My time there also included interesting conversations with the locals about what was happening to their neighborhoods. Needless to say, it seemed worlds apart when I returned to the cozy confi nes of Abbotsford where I could walk our dog on quiet streets and past peaceful cornfields!

Thus, it would seem like my wife and I would have but a minor problem when we discovered this past weekend that someone had stolen our Trump and Tom Tiffany signs from our yard, (and all the Trump signs on our street as well!).

To those parties who did this, let me express my gratitude that you exercised the restraint you did by not burning down our house! You might say, “Why, of course! We would never do that!”, and I believe you, but the attitudes displayed by your actions are basically the same as those currently being acted out across our country, in that you ignore the rule of law, in this case by your trespassing and stealing our property.

But, there is really a bigger issue being played out here: You not only stole our signs, but, more importantly, you stole a part of our freedom to express our beliefs. The proper approach, as an American, would be to have an open and engaging conversation about where you stand on the issues. Turn and face your fellow citizens to have this conversation in such a way that helps everyone; please do not just steal a yard sign, turn tail, and run!

My wife and I do not need to know who stole our signs; we are not even mad, just a little sad that people would do this. No one is perfect; we all make mistakes, especially myself (1 Timothy 1:15-17), but, ironically, your wrong actions are one of the reasons why we and so many others support President Trump. We want to give our backing to an administration that includes the preserving of those freedoms our country has been so richly blessed with, as well as with upholding the rule of law! Unfortunately, the radical left doesn’t see it that way, which was bore out in the last four years in their war to “regain power at any cost”!

Many have said that we need to have more communication in the hope of finding common ground, and eventually, solutions for the problems we face today. Such an approach would lead to us doing our small part in trying to make and keep our great country strong! May we all strive to be better at doing this!

Let us also be praying for God’s wisdom in using His gifts to us as we do our best to live productively, and for the wisdom in choosing of our leaders as we move forward!

Larry Lecheler Abbotsford


To the editor: First and foremost, I would like to thank all first responders, law enforcement, firefighters and EMTs. You do not receive the gratitude and respect you deserve for your service. Thank you.

Now Maxine, your recent letter to the editor was filled with quotes taken out of context, which changed the entire meaning of what was said. You cited investigations which are or were witch hunts, and entrapment plots by the left. The Democrats condone and defend rampant violence. Let us review the history of Democrats and violence against the American citizen.

Joe Biden stated in March of 2018: “If we were in high school, I’d take him behind the gym and beat the hell out of him,” referring to President Trump. Joe Biden did and said nothing for 88 days about the rioting in the United States. When he finally did, it was because the polls told him to.

Kamala Harris told Jacob Blake she was proud of him. Jacob Blake is an accused rapist, domestic abuser, a person who violates restraining orders, resists arrest when officers of the law try to lawfully arrest him. Which of the above offenses are you proud of, Kamala?

Nancy Pelosi calls law enforcement storm troopers. This is done when the law enforcement was trying to protect citizens and property. She refers to the current employees of the Trump administration as henchmen. She believes she is better than the common citizen as demonstrated when she had her hair done maskless in San Francisco during the shut down because of COVID (Chinese origin viral infectious disease).

The mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, a Democrat, joins and marches with rioters, while they assault people, including the mayor. They are the rioters that burn public and private property. Ted Wheeler vows to defund police — this same man that has his own security team believes the common citizen does not need protection.

The Minneapolis city council, all Democrats, votes to defund the police department, then hires private security protection at the taxpayer’s expense. Then, one month later, the same city council asks the Minneapolis Police Chief what is being done to stem the rise in crime in Minneapolis. This is the same council that voted to cut the chief’s funding. Hypocrites.

So, in closing, Maxine, I would like to quote a relevant Bible verse: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.”

COVID numbers contradict Trump’s ‘incredible job’

To the editor: President Trump was in the state last week and gave himself high marks for how his administration has handled the pandemic. He said “We’ve done an incredible job.” Look at the numbers, then you decide. That was the same day Wisconsin set a record with 2118 new COVID cases, with almost 20 percent of those tested showing positive results. The 45,313 new cases reported in the U.S. that day also showed an upward trend.

With only 4 percent of the world’s population, COVID-19 killed 863 Americans that day, 16 percent of the world’s 5,414 deaths. That was the day the U.S. Department of Labor announced 860,000 new applications for unemployment insurance and said the numbers indicated a slow recovery. Over 50 million Americans have lost their jobs since March and many of those jobs are not coming back.

President Trump has demonstrated an astonishing lack of concern for the American people during the pandemic. I could agree with his statement if he would add a single word. He has done an incredibly poor job! Thousands of people have died and millions are unemployed because of it. President Trump seemed almost happy to hear of Judge Ginsburg’s death. Everyone is talking about the Supreme Court instead of how he has mishandled the COVID-19 pandemic. Is it any wonder why he welcomes the change in conversation?

Bryce Luchterhand


Trump is not qualified

To the editor: I will vote Biden. Not my first choice but the only choice.

I am opposed to an authoritarian fascist takeover by a mentally unstable racist lying criminal. If the Republicans wish to have a dear leader, try to pick one that’s not dumber than a bag of hammers. The incompetent handling of nearly everything has been just too much.


We’ll be the first ones to admit, when we put 26 kids in a classroom, we’re not social distancing, so we need to be doing masks.”

Colby superintendent Steve Kolden, discussing the mask mandate at local schools