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A faint feeling of fall in the air

A faint feeling of fall in the air A faint feeling of fall in the air

I’ve been fortunate these past few days to be able to get outside and breathe some fresh air as I went on several long walks. The weather the past few days has been refreshingly cool - so different from the heat and humidity of last week.

The nights have been even cooler, with temps flirting with the 50s, and I found myself throwing on a blanket for the first time in months. During one of my walks I could see the barest shading of reds on a few leaves. Could it be fall is coming?

I love the fall, it’s the perfect mix of long, sunny and warm days and cool evenings perfect for deep rest and sleeping. There’s a nostalgia that hangs in the air that always seems heavy, like the piles of leaves that add up on one’s lawn.

I have to say, I am happy I don’t have to rake my childhood lawn. That was a large, sprawling thing that could take my four siblings an entire day to rake, only to have a fresh carpet of leaves by next weekend.

The fall is a time of reflection, of thinking about the future and the past. It’s also very much a time of doing. Much like the busy squirrel, people are furiously trying to fit in chores and projects.

Thankfully, I think we still have time to enjoy ourselves before worrying about the winter, and the past few days of cool weather were only a prelude to the next season. After all, it’s still only the first week of August.

But fall is coming, of that there can be no doubt. That’s about all I am certain of anymore. There have been big changes in the last few weeks, and as I write this, I am wearing a mask over my face due to the new statewide mandate to combat the spread of the coronavirus.

I am not sure what the future will hold in the coming months. If this were a normal year, Tuesday would have been the first official day of practice for football. If this were a normal year, I would have a swim meet in about two more weeks.

What is normal anymore? I am not sure, and I think for many of us, the answer to that won’t come for many long weeks. Will we see a return of students to the classroom? I hope so, and parents and teachers alike are hoping for some semblance of sanity on this issue.

The online learning that was done in the spring was done quickly, but not everyone can handle that type of learning, and several teachers whom I have spoken too are not exactly big fans of that either.

I like to know what is on my schedule as well, and when it comes to sports, it’s nice to have an idea what to write about. I don’t know what I will fill up the sports section in the coming weeks, but I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Humans are social creatures, and we like to be able to plan for the future. If there is one thing I can tell you with certainty it’s make sure you have a rake!