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E DITOR Attorney general is doing good work for America

To the editor: As Daniel Patrick Moynihan is said to have shared, everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Attorney General (AG) William Barr is addressing illegal actions by the previous administration that threatened our democracy. A sitting administration plotted with major intelligence agencies to sabotage an incoming president. President Obama and VP Biden were personally involved, per notes from an Oval Offi ce meeting. The FBI’s Strozk and Page texted “POTUS (the president) wants to know everything we are doing” as relates to undermining the new administration.

Information uncovered show there was no basis for The Mueller Special Counsel’s Office (SCO) to be formed. The SCO knew early on there was no “collusion” with Russia by the Trump Administration. SCO is now under investigation with possible charges, including lying to the courts and suppression of evidence.

The 37 indictments included eight Americans and a foreigner, indictments that had nothing to do with Russian collusion. We now know these were partisan, misleading and apparently illegal investigations. The remaining 28 are Russian, none of whom will ever be prosecuted.

The Clinton campaign paid their law firm to hire Fusion GPS to source the Steel Dossier to create chaos. The FBI used the dossier, knowing it was a fiction, to continue bogus investigations. Mueller’s SCO glossed over this and testified to Congress he knew nothing about Fusion GPS.

The FBI is the premiere law enforcement agency in the world. We are learning the FBI’s illegal activities were enabled by a few, and it is a “travesty,” as Barr termed it.

The FBI misled a federal court. The Inspector General (IG) reported 17 “significant inaccuracies and omissions” in four related warrants, for which there was no credible basis. A sample of 29 more such requests were all found to have errors, making the surveillance invalid.

Currently 12 former top intelligence agency leaders have been fired or forced to resign. Investigations for possible prosecution are underway of several, including at least two who lied to Congress and are now paid commentators on TV.

Trump’s impeachment? To say Chair Adam Schiff held a kangaroo court is an insult to kangaroos. Schiff repeatedly declared there was “ample evidence of collusion in plain sight.” The 53 witnesses testified under oath they had no empirical evidence of collusion nor direct knowledge of any “quid pro quo” with Ukraine. Schiff’s evidence is apparently still locked in his safe, saving it for the prom.

Partisanship? Previous administration AG Eric Holder proudly declared, “I’m still the president’s wing-man, so I’m there with my boy.” In 2014, 47 of 73 IGs formerly complained to Congress that Obama/Holder impeded investigations. Holder failed to follow up/prosecute dozens of findings. No scandal if no one acts on the illegalities/improprieties.

Keep up the good work, AG Barr. This was a plot to take down a duly elected presidency before it began. It included illegal spying, harassment, ruining innocent peoples’ lives and misleading our country. Ensure our governance is not taken over by a handful of bureaucrats.

Chuck Krueger Sun Prairie

Should Putin be our guest here in the United States?

To the editor: With U.S. intelligence reports alleging Russian bounties on American soldiers now in the news, we are forced to question the integrity of our commander in chief.

It has long been known that President Trump’s attention span during his daily briefing is brief at best, but it seems other world leaders knew of the report so it is safe to assume President Trump did also. It means he knew Vladimir Putin was paying foreign soldiers for every American soldier they killed when he invited Putin to join him as his guest at the G-7 Summit to be held in the U.S.

When Trump met with Putin in Helsinki in 2018, he was asked if he believed U.S. intelligence agencies or Putin about allegations of Russian meddling in the 2016 elections. His response was, “President Putin says it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.”

It begs the question, if Trump knew of the reports of Russian payments to kill American men and women, did he believe it, or did he ask Putin if it was true?

When the president was questioned about his role in the bungled response to COVID-19 he said, “I don’t take any responsibility at all.” That response did not work then and it will not work now.

He is the commander in chief, responsible for the lives of American soldiers. He gave a “pass” to Putin when Russia invaded Ukraine and again when the Russians interfered with our elections. I am not sure what the correct response to this report is, but acknowledging it exists would be a good start.

Asking Putin to be a guest on American soil while knowing of this report is as distressing as it is insulting. Where are President Trump’s principles and moral values? They are not in evidence here, if he has any.

Maxine Luchterhand Unity

Tiffany ignores children’s safety to help Trump

To the editor: School officials across the nation are wrestling with how to provide the best education possible while protecting the health of the nation’s children. Most of them agree a “normal” school schedule will not be possible.

Enter Tom Tiffany, one of the newest members of Congress. Tiffany offered almost unilateral support for President Trump and his policies when he was campaigning for office and is already demonstrating how a puppet of the Trump Administration behaves in Congress.

Trump wants everything, including schools, to be back to “normal” by this fall, so Tiffany’s first congressional bill removes all federal funding for any public school that fails to have a full, in school schedule by Sept. 8, apparently regardless of what COVID-19 is doing in any particular community at the time. Can you imagine public schools in Florida or Texas holding regular classes when they are registering over 5,000-plus new cases a day?

Tiffany is fond of saying local officials know best, but he developed a reputation formovinglocalcontroltoMadisonwhen he was a state senator. Now he wants to move it to Washington. School officials should not look to Tiffany for help from Washington. It is apparent, from his actions, that he has no regard for his children and grandchildren or ours or the children in the neighborhood.

A virus has no regard for political affi liations or ambitions. An independent congressman would be refreshing. Unfortunately, this one came with strings attached.

Anita Slone Neillsville

We need human decency

To the editor: When a sports team is struggling the coach will sometimes alter practices to focus on game fundamentals like blocking and tackling in football. Consistent execution of these fundamentals are vital to successful seasons and winning championships.

There is little doubt that our country is currently in turmoil. The pandemic, economic meltdown and civil unrest is causing widespread fear, anger and despair. While there are calls to action for various reforms, I believe our country must first get back to the fundamentals of human decency defined as honesty, respect and compassion. These fundamentals are essential building blocks for meaningful change, and should originate from our highest levels of leadership. Social media platforms should also be used more responsibly to the benefit of society rather than amplifying harmful, dishonest or self serving content. Disinformation should not overshadow facts and evidence. Together we must practice these fundamentals and hold the most egregious offenders accountable for their detrimental impact on our society.

Mike Braun Wausau